Vladimir Putin Is Reportedly Hatching A Plan To Flee Russia If He Loses His Ukraine War And Gets Stripped Of Power

As the invasion of Ukraine continues to be an ongoing embarrassment for Vladimir Putin, the embattled Russian president has reportedly already made plans to flee the country, should he be ousted from power. According to a former aide, Putin made the plans in the spring as it became clear that the invasion of Ukraine was not going to be a crushing demonstration of the Russian military’s strength. Instead, the embattled country has held off Russian forces and rallied the world to its cause.

Thanks to crippling economic situations and a chance at victory being practically non-existent, Putin is facing everything from assassination plots to outright civil war. Needless to say, he’s not about to stick around and find out how any of that goes.

Via The Daily Beast:

The evacuation plan, according to [former speechwriter Abbas] Gallyamov, got underway back in the spring, when it was unofficially dubbed “Noah’s Ark.”

“As the name implies, it’s about a search for new land to go to in case it becomes completely uncomfortable in the homeland. The leader’s entourage has not ruled out that he will lose the war, be stripped of power, and have to urgently evacuate somewhere,” Gallyamov wrote.

While China was originally an option, Putin is reportedly eyeing Argentina or Venezuela, but will probably choose the option with the least amount of stairs. According to reports, the Russian leader recently fell down a flight of stairs and pooped himself, which is again, not exactly a sign of strength as Putin’s time in power hangs by a thread.

And, yes, it’s not lost on us that both he and Donald Trump have issues with stairs. What are the odds?

(Via The Daily Beast)