Whoopi Goldberg Tore Into LeBron James For Declaring That ‘It’s Not My Job’ To Endorse The COVID Vaccine

After being praised by Ted Cruz, NBA star LeBron James received an entirely different reaction from Whoopi Goldberg on Thursday morning’s episode of The View. During a panel discussion on James’ controversial decision to not tell others to get the COVID vaccine (“it’s not my job”) while announcing that he was now vaccinated, Whoopi didn’t hold back her thoughts that James could and should do more.

“It’s not your job to tell people what to do, but you can suggest that you figured out that nobody grew a second head or a tail when they got the shot,” a fired up Whoopi said right out of the gate.

As Whoopi continued to call out James and warn him that not speaking out on vaccines was going to “come back and bite you in the behind,” she ended her contribution to the panel discussion by telling the NBA star that we’re in this pandemic together.

“LeBron, whether you decide to talk about why you and your family got vaccinated. It’s important for you as an American citizen, for me as an American citizen, for all of us to do our part here,” Goldberg said.

As the COVID vaccine continues to remain a partisan issue despite the Delta variant wreaking havoc on unvaccinated Americans, James has been praised by Republicans like Ted Cruz who called the NBA player’s stance “courageous.”

(Via The View on Twitter, Mediaite)