Ted Cruz Comes To The Defense Of Anti-Vaxx NBA Players In An Attempt To Prove Anything Can Get Worse

In case it wasn’t clear that anti-vaccination views have become a staple of the Republican Party, Ted Cruz came to the defense of NBA players like Kyrie Irving who have refused to get the COVID vaccine. While citing a report in The Hill on the NBA’s uphill battle to get players vaccinated, and how holdouts like Irving can potentially cost their teams a win when playing in states with vaccine mandates, Cruz tweeted out his support for the most prominent anti-vaxx holdouts in the league.

“I stand with Kyrie Irving. I stand with Andrew Wiggins. I stand with Bradley Beal. I stand with Jonathan Isaac,” Cruz tweeted along with the hashtag #YourBodyYourChoice.

Naturally, Cruz didn’t stop there. He expanded on his initial tweet by praising LeBron James who recently announced that after doing his own research and determining what’s best for his family, he got vaccinated. However, James made it a point to say he will not be telling others to do the same, and that everyone has a right to “do what’s best for you and your family.” That stance earned him rave reviews from Cruz, which should probably concern King James. You never want to hear that.

I’ve never said this before: I agree with @KingJames

“We’re talking about people’s bodies and well-being. I don’t think I personally should get involved in what other people should do for their bodies and livelihoods.”

@KingJames is being courageous here.

With his box-office power, he could be even more courageous—he could SOLVE the problem—by saying: “I stand w/ my fellow players. And I won’t play in any arena that bans another NBA player because they make a personal healthcare choice.”

You can see Cruz absolutely loving that LeBron James won’t encourage people to get vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic below:

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter)