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Here’s Why Mick Foley Turned Down The Chance To Be Zooey Deschanel’s Santa Claus

By | 9 Comments

The hardcore legend's one-man show is heading to TV, but why did he turn down a role on one of his favorite comedies?


Five Unsolved WWE Mysteries, Just In Time For Halloween

By | 88 Comments

Remember those WWE storylines that just sort of vanished into thin air? With Halloween coming up, we're on the case.


Brace Yourselves, NCAA Luchador Masks Are Coming

By | 6 Comments

The wait is over... you can finally own an officially licensed NCAA mask worthy of a luchador. Is your team represented?

#The Rock

The Rock And The Great Muta Had Their (Polite, Corporate) Face-Off

By | 3 Comments

Remember when we told you that The Great Muta wanted a match with The Rock? He ended up settling for a photo-op in Japan this weekend.


Ronda Rousey Went To A Wrestling Show This Weekend And Got In Some Chops

By | 19 Comments

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion swung by the Reseda American Legion post for her first taste of Pro Wrestling Guerilla this weekend.


Kane Thinks A Brothers Of Destruction Movie Would Be Awesome

By | 7 Comments

The Devil's Favorite Demon talks about a possible Kane and Undertaker origin movie. Plus, he reveals his great taste in horror flicks.


Important: The Great Muta Wants A Match With The Rock

By | 6 Comments

It'll probably never happen, but Japanese legend The Great Muta says he wants a match with The Rock during his Hercules tour of Japan.


WWE Is Sorry For Letting A National Flag Hit The Ground. Again.

By | 14 Comments

If you're wondering whether WWE is sorry for the way The Big Show treated the Russian flag, the answer is OF COURSE THEY ARE.


WWE Legend Bruno Sammartino vs. An Orangutan: Who Ya Got?

By | 5 Comments

Let's go back to 1956, when WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino got in a cage with an ape for a $25 payday.


Here’s Your (Very Brief) First Look At Lucha Underground

By | 8 Comments

The El Rey network has finally released a teaser for their new lucha libre show.


Weather Is Jericho: Chris Jericho Crashed The Weather Forecast In Phoenix

By | 8 Comments

Y2J was in town with his band Fozzy, so naturally he decided to do the weather for a Fox station in Phoenix.. Here are the results.


And Now, Some Important Questions About Dean Ambrose’s Drunken Deathmatch

By | 14 Comments

We miss Dean Ambrose just as much as you, so we turned back the clock to look at one of his most memorable deathmatch appearances.


If You Were Wondering, Rowdy Roddy Piper Supports Scottish Independence


WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper weighs in on the referendum for an independent Scotland. FREEDOM!

Ric Flair

Real-Life Uncle Grandpa Ric Flair Guest Starred On Cartoon Network’s ‘Uncle Grandpa’

By | 13 Comments

Check out The Nature Boy's guest appearance on Thursday's episode of Cartoon Network's 'Uncle Grandpa.'


Joe Rogan Thinks Pro Wrestling Is Immature

By | 75 Comments

UFC commentator Joe Rogan doesn't care for professional wrestling. Actually, that might be a bit of an understatement.

#Impact Wrestling

TNA Champion Lashley Won His Bellator Fight And Wants Another One Soon

By | 2 Comments

TNA's Bobby Lashley won his debut for Bellator MMA, and he's already looking at future opponents.

#Joan Rivers

Looking Back At Joan Rivers’ Brief Time As A WWE Ring Announcer

By | 3 Comments

Let's go back to WrestleMania 2, where the late Joan Rivers took over ring announcing duties from Howard Finkel.


WWE 2K15 Is The Latest Thing To Make CM Punk Angry

By | 35 Comments

CM Punk's legal team sends a letter to WWE regarding royalties and the use of his likeness. The ride never ends.


Ranking WWE’s 12 Greatest Hardcore Champions On The 12th Anniversary Of Its Death

By | 65 Comments

Twelve years after the title was retired, it's time to look back and rank WWE's twelve best Hardcore Champions.

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