It’s Showtime

06.03.10 7 years ago 40 Comments

Beyond the obvious, there are a lot of subplots to look forward to now that Game 1 of the NBA Finals is here: Kobe and Ray Allen going at it one more time in one of the NBA’s best clash-of-styles rivalries, KG trying to make Pau Gasol wet his pants (again), the L.A. crowd booing Paul Pierce for no good reason, the L.A. crowd booing Kendrick Perkins for perfectly understandable reasons, Derek Fisher trying to keep his ankles attached to his feet with Rajon Rondo going at him, all the old Lakers and Celtics legends lurking around the gym, and the Hollywood celebrity set fighting amongst themselves to be seen … One crucial story line nobody has really talked about is that Perkins will almost certainly miss at least one game this series. Perk is one technical foul away from an automatic suspension, and not even his coach believes he’ll be able to avoid it. “It’s going to happen,” Doc Rivers said. “I hope it doesn’t, but you know it’s going to happen. Perk is physical; the Lakers are saying they want to be physical now. So the refs are going to react to that.” … Add the Blazers to the list of longshot teams — or at least fan bases — going after LeBron. A group of Portland fans are throwing a pro-LeBron rally later this month, putting them in the same boat with the Mavs’ fans guerilla campaigning. And you wonder why LeBron might come across as self-centered? Most of us, when we’re 25 years old, are just trying to get one woman to invite us over to her place. LeBron has entire cities buying him the drinks and begging him to have his way with them. With that treatment, it’d be weird if LeBron wasn’t cocky … Just like LeBron is the first piece that has to fall in the free agent frenzy, it seems Celtics assistant Tom Thibodeau is the centerpiece of this summer’s NBA coaching carousel. Thibodeau is the Hornets’ top choice, but the team has reportedly given him until today to make a decision. And if he doesn’t commit, the Hornets are apparently going to go with Monty Williams. (That’s gotta make Monty feel great that he’s an obvious silver medal, but a job’s a job and a raise is a raise, right?) Thibodeau is also up for the Bulls and Nets jobs, and once we know where he’s going, a lot of these coaching vacancies will soon be filled … Men lie, women lie, and sports agents lie more than all of them. D-Wade‘s agent had the nerve to tell the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “We haven’t really thought about it” when asked about Wade’s timeline for officially opting out of his contract. Really? Thomas’ two biggest clients are D-Wade and Chris Bosh. We’re supposed to believe he hasn’t been thinking about opt-outs and free agency 24/7 for the last eight months? That’s like Spencer Pratt saying he hasn’t really thought about his next “job” … Jeanie Buss, a.k.a. the Lakers executive and daughter of owner Dr. Jerry Buss, a.k.a. girlfriend of Phil Jackson, is writing a book. The preliminary title is Laker Girl, and we hear a lot of it will focus on this season. If you could read a tell-all written by any NBA player’s wife, ex-wife, ex-girl, baby’s mother, groupie, etc., whose would it be? … As usual with the NBA off-days, our attention in the Dime office turned to other sports. (It’s gonna be productivity shutdown around here once the World Cup gets going.) MLB Network had the Dodgers/Diamondbacks game, during which L.A. sent out pitcher Justin Miller, who’s 1/4 Cherokee. Actual line by the Dodgers announcer: “With a part-Cherokee Indian on the mound, you could say he ‘arrowed’ that ball.” That’s not as bad as the “Chinese Superman” line, but damn … We’re out like Perkins sooner or later …

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