The Best Conspiracy Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

06.07.17 1 month ago
best conspiracy documentaries on netflix right now


Last Updated: June 7th

A good conspiracy theory gets the blood running hot. It should be equal measures absurd and just-believable-enough, meaning that you’re at the very least entertained, even if you don’t take it seriously. Then it’s just good fun. Below are some of the best conspiracy documentaries on Netflix currently.

They go from batshit insanity to “yeah-I-can-see-that” levels of lunacy. Unroll the tin foil and enjoy!

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Room 237 (2012)

Did Kubrick fake the moon landing? Is the Shining really about America’s genocide against Native Americans, or Germany’s genocide against the Jews? So many questions? So many possibilities! Overall Room 237 is a fascinating examination of how we all bring (way too much) of our own baggage into the cinema and come out with all sorts of ideas about how everything is about us.

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