Nostalgix’s Ultimate Guide To Vancouver: Where To Eat, Sleep, Party, And Play

Nostalgix‘s position in the dance music scene has truly exploded as of late. Born in Iran and deeply rooted in the Canadian electronic music scene after a youth spent in Vancouver, the multi-hyphenate has emerged as a modern-day incarnation of the ‘90s “It Girl.” A triple threat in the industry — wearing the hats of producer, writer, and rapper.

As a producer, she continues to shatter glass ceilings in the dance space, being one of the only female acts to ever play the mainstage at EDC Las Vegas and also one of the first female acts to perform at the Circuit Grounds stage at EDC Orlando in November of 2021. Having spent the last six years of her life finding her voice as an artist and perfecting her sound, Nostalgix is now ready to support her five-track EP, Star City.

Out via the esteemed dance label Monstercat, the EP delivers the highest octane bass house — brimming with spunky ‘90s edge while layering on collaborations with vaunted rap star Rico Nasty, UK MC Scrubfizzer, Southside Diddy, and DEV.

“Star City is a world for those who aren’t fully accepted by the real world,” Nostalgix said. “A world that accepts everyone for who they are and for who they aspire to be. A world where pain does not exist and hurt is turned to self-empowerment…Ain’t nothing getting in the way of us living our best lives. It’s our world, we get to be who we wanna be, dress how we wanna dress, and we’re gonna live it up!”

Currently, Nostalgix is gearing up to embark on her first major headlining tour, hitting stages in Nashville, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, and of course Vancouver and Nelson in her home region of British Columbia. To reconnect with her childhood roots in Vancouver, we asked her to build her personalized guide and recommendations for where to eat, sleep, party, and play in Vancouver.

Best Place To Wakeup & Sip Caffeine

You must go to Analog Coffee in Yaletown. They’re a really cute cafe in a great part of town. It’s such a beautiful space and the coffee is amazing!! When I lived in Vancouver I used to go there with my laptop and make music while sipping on a vanilla latte. In fact, I actually made my song “Mind Tricks” (feat. Way) in this coffee shop!!

Best Hotel To Stay In

It’s clearly the Pan Pacific Vancouver. I love staying at the Pan Pacific, it’s such a beautiful hotel! It’s located right by the seawall so it has such a beautiful view of Vancouver. It’s so nice waking up early in the morning to go for a run on the seawall, especially during the summer!

Best Part Of The City to Stay In


I love Yaletown! It’s such a beautiful part of the city. There are so many beautiful shops, vintage stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.
If you’re also big into working out, there are tons of gyms and workout classes nearby. You truly get a bit of everything.

Favorite Lunch Spot

Growing up in North Vancouver, my parents always took me to the best Persian restaurants. Cazba in North Vancouver has always been one of our favorites. Whenever I visit town for a bit, I love going back to Cazba and getting the Chicken Kebab.

How To Spend A Day In Vancouver


Vancouver is such a beautiful place for hiking and being in nature! I love working out and being in the mountains, so whenever I have time I love going to Deep Cove and either hiking up Quarry Rock or just going for a run in the area. It has such a special place in my heart! During the winter, I love going up Cypress Mountain in Vancouver or making a quick trip to Whistler to go snowboarding.

Best Place To Grab Dinner

Cactus Club Cafe at English Bay has a special spot in my heart. The restaurant is located right on the beach, so it has the most beautiful view and sunsets. You can enjoy a lovely dinner and then sit on the beach and soak in the beauty of Vancouver. I love getting the chicken lettuce wraps which are so delicious.

Where To Party


Celebrities Nightclub is such an iconic venue in Vancouver. I grew up going to shows there and saw so many incredible artists perform there such as WHIPPED CREAM, REZZ, Felix Cartal, Dr. Fresch, AC Slater, Bijou, and more. I would strongly recommend going there for a night out in the town! It’s always such a great time.

I also love performing at Celebrities Nightclub — Vancouver always has so much hometown love!!