Former WWE Star Justin Gabriel Breaks Both Of His Ankles In BASE Jumping Accident

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10.02.16 10 Comments

Former Lucha Underground Trios Champion PJ Black, who wrestled for WWE from 2008 to 2015 under the name Justin Gabriel (and occasionally as a rabbit), suffered a freak injury while BASE jumping on Saturday in his native South Africa. The injury was disclosed in the above Facebook post by South African promotion World Wrestling Professionals. Black had been scheduled to face a local wrestler for the company in what had been booked as a “homecoming” match for him. He still intended to go through with a fan meet and greet despite the injury.

The good news for Black and for wrestling fans is that the entire 40-week run of the third season of Lucha Underground is already in the can, so his most high-profile role in North America will continue to go on without a hitch while he continues to recuperate from this injury.

This is, of course, horrible news for fans of Black and fans of the Worldwide Underground, and this will certainly hit him financially as he recovers. We all wish him a speedy recovery and let’s try to focus on the good times: Worldwide Underground being complete a-holes and kicking everyone in the universe in the franks and/or beans to their hearts’ content. Hurry back, PJ.

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