Watch Sasha Banks Give This Girl With Cerebral Palsy The Best Christmas Present Ever

12.19.16 9 months ago 5 Comments

If you popped by the wrestling parts of social this weekend, the mood heading into Sunday’s WWE Roadblock pay-per-view was a bit grim. Whether it was PPV overload from the brand split, or Raw still being a hot mess each week, people seemed hard-pressed to find their excitement for the show. That wasn’t the case for young Pittsburgh native Jahnelle, however.

If you think you love Sasha Banks, you’ve got some still competition. This little girl with cerebral palsy is gonna give you a run for your money. After dressing up like a #LegitBoss for Halloween, she caught the eye of her wrestling hero and received this adorable video from Sasha herself:

But her story doesn’t end there. Members of the Steel Valley Community came together to help get Jahnelle and her family to Roadblock, and her reaction will make your heart grow at least three sizes:

Please note this is also a pretty accurate representation of what my insides were doing the entire time I spent interviewing Sasha Banks.

Not only did Jahnelle and her family get to see her fave compete in person, she also got a very special Christmas gift:

Though she didn’t walk out of the show victorious, you can be damn sure Sasha Banks gave this girl a night she’ll always treasure.

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