See An Adorable Pug Dressed Up As Your Favorite ’80s WWF Stars

There is a lot of strife and discord in the world today — what better way to clear your mind than to giggle uncontrollably at a batch of photos featuring a really adorable pug dressed up as some of the most memorable WWF wrestlers from the ’80s? All praise should be directed toward Redditor missroseblood, who posted the following photos with this note attached:

“[My dog and I] watch wrestling together and I wanted to combine two things that provide me with endless hours of entertainment. Sewing is how I bridged that gap. His costumes are tailored to fit. Have had great responses from people who wouldn’t call themselves wrestling fans but do know who he’s supposed to be. Just want to add to the positive experience the sport is. And since everyone loves dogs, here it is.”

While our personal favorite has to be Hacksaw Jim Puggan (that triflin’-ass, cheating-ass dog), the whole set is pure gold. Take, for example, Rowdy Roddy Pupper. Don’t let this dog near Morton Downey Jr. any time soon or else he might pee on his leg:

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