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Now That ‘Parks and Recreation’ Is Over, Check Out The Cast In These Other Great Roles


Check out the cast of 'Parks and Recreation' in these other great roles and try to fill the bacon and eggs-shaped hole in your heart.

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‘Parks And Recreation’ Will Pay Tribute To Harris Wittels After Tuesday’s Finale

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There won't be a dry eye when the 'Parks And Recreation' cast and crew pays tribute to Harris Wittels after Tuesday's finale.


Aziz Ansari Shares A Hilarious And Slightly NSFW Email From Harris Wittels

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He also remembered is fellow writer and stand-up comedian via numerous stories, sketches, and abandoned collaborations.


Hooray! Netflix Is Releasing A New Aziz Ansari Standup Special In March.

By | 3 Comments

Aziz Ansari fans rejoice, because the comedian has another Netflix special headed our way.

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UPROXX Trivia: Do You Know ‘Parks And Recreation’ Well Enough To Be Mayor Of Pawnee?

By | 27 Comments

Celebrate the final season of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' by testing your knowledge of Pawnee's lovable residents.


Aziz Ansari Mocked Rupert Murdoch For What He Had To Say About Muslims

By | 26 Comments

After reading what Rupert Murdoch had to say about Muslims on Twitter, Aziz Ansari returned the favor by roasting him.

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The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Farewell Season Trailer Comes To Us From The Future

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There are quite a few changes in store for the future 'Parks and Recreation,' including the possibility of drone attacks in Pawnee.


Aziz Ansari Gets Ridiculous With Grover To Tell Us The Word Of The Day

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The 'Parks and Recreation' star swings by Sesame Street to let Grover dress him up in a ridiculous chicken suit.


Listen To Aziz Ansari Recount The Times Blake Lively Ignored His Text Messages

By | 6 Comments

Aziz Ansari got *thisclose* to dating Blake Lively back in 2011, but if memory serves she went with Leo DiCaprio instead. Typical.


Aziz Ansari Tells David Letterman About Being A Proud, Hungry Feminist

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Aziz Ansari explained to David Letterman that he's a proud feminist, and that people shouldn't be afraid of that word.

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Nasim Pedrad As Aziz Ansari In This Unaired ‘SNL’ Sketch Is A Real ‘Boner Eraser’

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"The producers were always like, 'Hey, what about this week you play a pretty gal?,' and I was always like, 'OR what if I play another small man?'"


The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast And Make-A-Wish Foundation Gave A Young Man The Best Day Of His Life

By | 10 Comments

The cast of 'Parks and Recreation' and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave a young man the best day of his life.


Aziz Ansari Asks The People Of Reddit: Have You Ever Had An Open Relationship?

By | 7 Comments

Aziz Ansari is writing a new book about modern relationships, so he turned to Reddit to find some answers.

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