‘Master Of None’ Season 3 Is Officially Coming To Netflix In May, But There’s Gonna Be Some Changes

After a four-year hiatus, and a slew of recent rumors, Master of None is making a surprise return to Netflix. The Aziz Ansari series will officially drop its third season in May, but there will be some notable changes. While Ansari will remain the creative force behind the show, serving as both writer and director of the five-episode season titled Master of None: Moments in Love, early reports seem to suggest that his presence will only be felt behind the camera as the show pivots its focus to another character besides Ansari’s Dev. Via IndieWire:

The new episodes are believed to focus exclusively on the first two seasons’ supporting character Denise, played by Waithe. The character and Waithe were the focus of the second season episode “Thanksgiving,” which won Ansari and Waithe the Emmy award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy. Ansari also won an Emmy in this category for the first season of the show and shared it with co-creator Alan Yang.

Master of None: Moments in Love‘s spring release will allow it to compete for 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards. But while the show seems to be angling for another Emmy win, the new season will still have to contend with the #MeToo moment that sidelined Ansari back in 2018 even if he’s tucked behind the camera. Granted, the stand-up comic addressed the allegations head-on during his 2019 Netflix special Aziz Ansari Right Now and he’s spoken candidly about how his actions were inappropriate, the topic has already resurfaced following the news of Master of None‘s surprise return. Given Ansari’s openness in exploring love and relationships, it will be curious to see if/how the new season tackles the period between the seasons, both fictional and in the real world.

(Via IndieWire)