Aziz Ansari’s New Movie Did What ‘John Wick’ Couldn’t: Send Keanu Reeves To The Hospital

Aziz Ansari took the stage at CinemaCon on Wednesday where he revealed that Good Fortune, his second attempt at a directorial debut, pulled off a feat that not even the John Wick movies or Speed could accomplish: put Keanu Reeves in the hospital. (Don’t worry. He’s fine.)

“About 15 days into shooting with me,” Ansari told the CinemaCon crowd as he set the scene for Reeves’ injury, “I said, ‘Go chill in your trailer.’ He tripped on a rug… Poor guy, he was such a trooper, and he fractured his kneecap and continued to do all the scenes.”

Joining Ansari on-stage was Lionsgate studio head Adam Fogelson, who couldn’t believe the injury considering all of the crazy stunt work that Reeves performed in the John Wick movies without ever needing a trip to the hospital.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

After an image surfaced earlier this year from the set showing Reeves on crutches with his knee wrapped in bandages and an ice pack, Ansari noted that #GetWellSoonKeanu was trending. He, for one, was not surprised. “He actually is an angel,” he said. “He’s been pretending to be human for all these other roles.”

Speaking of angels, that literally is Reeves’ role in Good Fortune. He’s tasked with teaching Ansari’s character that his life is precious after a run-in with a jerky millionaire played by Seth Rogen. However, the lesson doesn’t stick, resulting in Keanu losing his wings and being forced to live among humans where “hijinks ensue.”

Good Fortune does not currently have a release date.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)