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Livin’ In the Sky: 5 Things in ‘Bioshock Infinite’ You Might’ve Missed

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The Bioshock series is one of the most celebrated FPS series in the past decade primarily because of its intricate story lines, pristine art direction, bizarre characters and addictive gameplay.

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The Surprising Ways ‘BioShock Infinite’ Is An Old-School Game

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'BioShock Infinite' might have come out in 2013... but in some surprising ways, it's still in 1999.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.

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What Makes ‘BioShock Infinite’ Art?

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'BioShock Infinite' is art... but not, perhaps, in the way you might think.

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Gary Schyman Talks To Us About Scoring ‘BioShock Infinite’

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'BioShock Infinite''s composer weighs in on the game's unique score.


'BioShock Infinite' Mastermind Ken Levine Is Also A Skilled Twitter Comedian


Even if the game is terrible, Ken Levine's Twitter is going to make all of this worth it.


New ‘Bioshock Infinite’ Trailer Teases More Of The Mysterious Elizabeth

By | 7 Comments

Here's the new 'Bioshock Infinite' trailer which focuses on Elizabeth, the super-powered woman Booker is sent to find in order to wipe out his debts.

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‘The Last Of Us’, And Four Other Games We Want To See Advertised At The Super Bowl

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Games aren't often advertised at the Super Bowl. Here are five we'd like to see, as much to troll the audience as anything else.


The First Five Minutes Of ‘BioShock Infinite’ Has A Lot Of That Old-Time Religion

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Apparently religion is going to be a fairly major theme, if the first five minutes of 'BioShock: Infinite' are anything to go by.


BioShock Infinite’s Cover Art And The Problem Of Selling Games

By | 8 Comments

BioShock Infinite has a bland cover. And that's because the kind of people who care about covers don't buy enough video games to count.


‘BioShock Infinite’ Might Be The Gutsiest Game Of 2013

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'Bioshock Infinite' will be tackling the issue of race and racism head on. So there's no shortage of courage, at least.


‘Bioshock: Infinite’ Brings The Boss Fights

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Bioshock: Infinite brings the boss fights and the gorgeous levels.

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A Beast Of A ‘BioShock Infinite’ Trailer Brings The Heavies

By | 6 Comments

The first new 'Bioshock Infinite' trailer in six months is finally out, introduces us to the 'Beast of America'.

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