‘The Last Of Us’, And Four Other Games We Want To See Advertised At The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up and I, for one, probably won’t be watching. Are you kidding? Everybody’s inside! It’s like I Am Legend out there! Restaurants have no lines! Movie theaters have no douchebags! If you could lay your hands on a chicken wing, then it would be perfect.

That said, we are expecting a few Super Bowl ads to be worth watching. Sony has made it obvious Kratos will be heading to the big leagues. But here are five games we really want to see advertised… if only for the reactions/meltdowns on Twitter, and to get a little more information about them.

BioShock Infinite

It’s not a big secret that once this game arrives, Fox News and the old people who watch it are going to explode with rage. It’s a video game with Communists in it! Communists that kill the postman! And instead of just killing Communists (ever notice Homefront got a free pass on the violence front?), you also shoot robot George Washington!

So, Take Two, embrace it. Cut together an ad that puts the themes of racism, imperialism, and ideology before common sense front and center, and run it during the most patriotic de facto holiday on the calendar.

If nothing else you’ll probably get a Toby Keith song out of the deal.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

We admit it, we just want to see this one for the waves of confusion to wash over Twitter. Square Enix would never do this, because odds are pretty good the gamers watching football don’t buy Square Enix games until they feature Agent 47. But man, would it ever be funny.

The Last Of Us

Our own Nathan Birch thinks this game will bomb. Personally, I’m not so sure. What I would like before making the full call is more information about the freaking game: We’ve only seen a bit of gameplay, a couple of trailers establishing the plot, and that’s it. We know it looks pretty, but come on, Sony, we need a bit more than that to commit $60.


Call of Duty runs an ad featuring over-the-top fake violence during over-the-top real violence, and everybody whines. So imagine how people who wring their hands over video games will react upon discovering that anal-retentive military sims exist. More to the point, we’d really like to see some more footage out of ArmA III, although development has been slow for legal reasons that border on the Kafkaesque.

Barkley 2

Because if there was ever a game that deserved nationwide exposure, it’s Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, especially since the game itself actually looks really good.

Any games you want to see plugged during the Super Bowl?