Celebrate The Impending Arrival Of ‘BioShock Infinite’ With A TV Spot And Dumbass YouTube Comments

03.19.13 6 years ago 12 Comments

Only a week until BioShock Infinite hits stores! Sigh. I’m going to miss posting BioShock Infinite trailers, but I guess, you know, actually being able to play the game will be cool too.

Hit the jump for an extended minute-long BioShock Infinite TV spot. Don’t worry, this isn’t some Dead Space 3 bulls–t, the ad is actually pretty damn rad. Also, as a bonus, a video featuring dramatic readings of really, really stupid YouTube reactions to BioShock Infinite

What the? A piece of music in a video game ad that actually suits the game in question? Strange decision, but I think I like it.

Well, I did think BioShock Infinite looked good, but now that I know about the game’s obvious Satan connections and that “bio” means water…hmmm, no actually I still think it looks good.

via Gaming Blend & Green Apple Flavored

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