The First Trailer For ‘Powers’ Proves That Sony Isn’t Making Your Usual Superhero Tale

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Sony is looking to make a big splash with 'Powers,' their first streaming series exclusive to the Playstation console.


Ultimate Marvel Is Being Re-Launched Yet Again With Three New Titles

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Once Galactus is done with the Ultimate universe Marvel will be re-launching it once again...


Glenn Beck Blames Michelle Obama For Blatino Spider-Man. LOL Wut?

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Yesterday the So what did Glenn Beck actually say about Spider-Man when he wasn't busy equating murdered Norwegian children with the Hitler Youth.


Marvel's Finally Giving Us Our Black Spider-Man. Sort Of.

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Even though we didn't get Donald Glover as Spider-Man after all, we're still sort of getting what we asked for on some of those notes we tied to bricks and threw at Joe Quesada and Axel Alonso's houses.


Powers Gets FX Pilot, Katee Sackhoff Wants In


It's been a year since Brian Michael Bendis and Kevin Falls (producer of Journeyman and The West Wing) pitched an adaptation of Bendis's and Michael Avon Oeming's comic series Powers to FX.


Is Jessica Jones a Ready For Primetime Player?

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Hey, remember when Brian Michael Bendis inserting "Um.



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Everyone's speculating about how the non-Raimi revamp of the Spider-Man movies will work out.

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