‘Powers’ Season Two Is Adding ‘The Tick’ Creator Ben Edlund To The Writer’s Room

Powers had a successful, but frustrating first season on Sony Playstation, mostly due to the effort it took to actually watch the show. Creators Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming were joined by showrunner Rémi Aubuchon and stars Susan Heyward and Olesya Rulin to discuss the focus of the show in season two and what we can expect for Christian Walker. But the coolest revelation came from the writer’s room of the show. It would seem that Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick, has joined the show for season two according to IGN:

“We’re like in a Wild West mentality when we’re in that writers’ room,” Edlund said after he took to the stage alongside Bendis, co-creator Michael Avon Oeming, showrunner Rémi Aubuchon, and stars Susan Heyward and Olesya Rulin. Edlund then went on to discuss how the prospect of no rules, and figuring out a new medium in Sony’s PlayStation Network, excited him. “I think that one of the things that is amazing about being on a platform like PlayStation is that we have the chance to explore almost a new medium. There’s no lid. No one’s saying ‘you can’t do it.’ It’s all ‘how cool and weird and exciting can you make it?'”

Tossing Edlund (and possibly that humor that we saw in The Tick) into Powers is something that could help push the show into must see territory. I enjoyed season one, but it was almost TOO dramatic. I missed a few of the funnier moments that inhabited the comic series and I always did seem to want more of The Tick thrown into it all (sorta like Venture Bros). As they always say, season two is aiming to be bigger and better, so here’s to hoping:

“We want to amp everything up,” he continued. “The simple explanation is we want to push the envelop more. We want to push the visual effects palate more. We want to push the energy of the show and really make it a show that you have to watch the next episode or else.”

If you’re unfamiliar with The Tick, here’s a slight refresher on the character from the comics. If you’re unfamiliar with Edlund, check out the comics, the animated show, the live action show, and possibly any number of other shows he has written for in the past twenty years. You won’t be disappointed.

(Via IGN)