Vince’s Vaughn’s ‘Unfinished Business’ Would Surely Have Been One Of The Most Adequate Comedies Of 1997

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'Unfinished Business' is like a prostitute who keeps wanting to read you his slam poems.

Unfinished Business

Who The Hell Is ‘Mike Pancake’ In ‘Unfinished Business?’ (And 24 Other Urgent Questions)

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Vince Vaughn returns to theaters in "Unfinished Business," and the results are not good.

Unfinished Business

Vince Vaughn And The Cast Of ‘Unfinished Business’ Posed For Some Awesome Stock Photos

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Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco are now forever immortalized as ordinary business people on iStock.

blood meridan

James Franco Made A 25-Minute Test For Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Blood Meridian’ Starring Luke Perry

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James Franco filmed 25 minutes of test footage for Cormac McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian,' starring Dave Franco and Luke Perry. It's certainly something.


Watch These Hilarious Outtakes Of Conan And Dave Franco Exploring Tinder


Conan and Dave Franco made beautiful comedic music together with their Tinder experiment, and here's the outtakes.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Conan And Dave Franco Explore Tinder With Hilarious Results

By | 29 Comments

Conan, Dave Franco, and the sweetest of rides navigate the wild world of Tinder with some hilarious results.


Conan Forces Dave Franco To Answer For James Franco’s Odd Social Media Lifestyle

By | 11 Comments

James Franco seems to be making life difficult on his brother's media tour with his nude painting, teen banging, social media lifestyle.


Rose Byrne Sounds Like She's FRAHM BAHSTAHN In The New 'Neighbors' Trailer

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In the new trailer for 'Neighbors,' Rose Byrne shows off one hell of a cartoonish Boston accent.


Sh*t’s About To Get Real In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’

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In case you missed the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco on Monday night, the event was also the launch party for a new series of TV spots for the film Neighbors, which stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a young couple suddenly dealing with some obnoxious frat boy neighbors.


Alison Brie & Dave Franco Made A Funny Or Die Video So You’ll Hate Dave Franco Even More, We Guess

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Alison Brie dates James Franco's brother, Dave. They'd like to remind you of that, and that Alison might just be blowing Dave on the toilet right now.

#james franco

James Franco’s Neighbors Hate Him

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Back in November, actor/dick-noser James Franco purchased a 1920s mini-compound home in Silver Lake for approximately $775,000, presumably because it was built by filmmaker DW Griffith and that just seems like the kind of reason Franco would shell out a ton of money for a three-bedroom home.


Five New Clips From Zombie Romance ‘Warm Bodies’ Show Us What They’re Working With

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The newest clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies' haven't killed our excitement yet.


Bros Before Brains: New Clips And Posters From Zombie Romance 'Warm Bodies'

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Summit released new clips from zombie romance 'Warm Bodies', which gives us all the excuse we needed to catch up on the other stuff we forgot to cover.


‘Warm Bodies’ Is A Zombie Romance That Actually Looks… Good?

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The first trailer for zombie romantic comedy 'Warm Bodies' looks surprisingly funny and heartwarming.


Alison Brie Has a Boyfriend (and the Morning Links)

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Obviously we all knew that Alison Brie was probably having sex with someone, but to have it confirmed is just mean.


21 Jump Street Is Adding Star Power

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We’ve known for quite some time now that Jonah Hill has co-written a movie version of 21 Jump Street, which will star him and (MY BOI.

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