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'Dead Space 3': A Review In Five Points

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'Dead Space 3' is a good, but not great, game in an OK, but somewhat critically overrated, franchise.


Three Songs ‘Dead Space 3′ Should Have Used In Its Ad, Instead Of Phil Frickin’ Collins

By | 21 Comments

You do not choose Phil Collins for a horror game like 'Dead Space 3'. Here are three suggestions that might have been a better call.

Bayonetta 2

7 Promising Looking Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2013

By | 79 Comments

These video games look great, but they're not going to sell so great...


‘Dead Space 3′ Knows All About Your Potty Mouth

By | 2 Comments

Thankfully a swear jar peripheral isn't in the works...

video games

Co-op? What Co-op? Here’s 17-Minutes Of Single Player ‘Dead Space 3′ Footage


EA pretends co-op doesn't exist in Dead Space 3 in this 17-minute video...

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Here, Have a Nice Big Bloody Chunk of Dead Space 3 Footage


As I've mentioned here several times, I'm a fan of EA's Dead Space series.

Crysis 3

Quick 'N Dirty EA and Ubisoft Press Conference Recaps. Check out Footage of Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Dead Space 3 and More!

By | 3 Comments

Over the past couple days we've covered the E3 press conferences of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, but what about 3rd parties.

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Motion Comic and Leaked Screenshots Confirm Ice Planet Setting and Co-op for Dead Space 3

By | 5 Comments

A few weeks back EA teased us with the info that Dead Space 3 is happening, but then didn't reveal any actual details about the game.

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EA's Best Series Returns — Dead Space 3 is Happening

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The Dead Space series is kind of an oddity -- in amongst EA's usual line-up of soulless annual sports updates and bland shooters there's this great, genuinely scary horror franchise set in a really detailed, well-realized universe.

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