‘Dead Space 3’ Knows All About Your Potty Mouth

Oh, fuuuuuuu–“

Fan opinion on the upcoming Dead Space 3 is split, but the game has one new feature that I think we can all agree is, well, interesting at least — the game will monitor your dirty sinful language.

If you play the game on an Xbox 360 with a Kinect attached, they game will keep track of your swearing and reward you for it. The world of Dead Space 3 will react to your sass mouth — hurling abuse at a piece of machinery that isn’t working may cause it to start faster for instance. Turns out your dad’s method of fixing the lawnmower, and kitchen sink and, well, pretty much anything was sound after all.

Hmmm, I wonder if context will be taken into account? Will “Oh s–t this game is scary!” have the same effect as “Oh s–t, what has EA done to Dead Space?!” I guess we shall see.

via Video Games Uncovered