Caffeine Junkies Won’t Be Happy To Hear Where Germs Love To Live In The Office


If you love coffee, but hate germs, there's a bit of frightening news for you at the office.

Cypress Hill

This Is What Happens When You Play Cypress Hill Through A Squid’s Fin

By | 2 Comments

This trippy video might be a little old, but it's still an amazing ride through a squid's biology with a Cypress Hill soundtrack.

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Some People In London Signed Away Their First Born Children For Free WiFi

By | 7 Comments

How many Londoners accidentally gave away their first born children for WiFi? About six too many.


The Bitcoin Implosion Continues As Mt. Gox Files For Bankruptcy

By | 16 Comments

Bitcoin has another setback, as all hope for getting anything out of Mt. Gox dies.


Brazilian Man Chugs Coca-Cola, Eats Mentos


You know how this experiment works inside a bottle, but what about inside a large man.


Mt. Gox And Dwolla: Your Guide To The Latest Bitcoin Mess


Or, how filling out a form improperly crippled on of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges on Earth.


The Unibrow Discrimination Social Experiment


Are people with unibrows treated differently.


Pulling A Kissing Prank Involving Mistletoe May Get You Slapped

By | 4 Comments

Everything's cute and innocent...until a certain BYU student ruins everything.


Science Experiment Gone Wrong


It's always a great sign when your high school chemistry teacher is telling people to move back before the experiment even begins.

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