Watch This Dude Wear High Heels For A Whole Day And Hate Every Single Moment

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Chris Pratt must be an inspiration to all bros. After Pratt bravely wore high heels in a show of solidarity for Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, a BroBible video correspondent imagined he could survive heels too. Brandon Cohen decided to be even more adventurous than Pratt and wear heels all day long.

Brandon also had an ulterior motive. He started this experiment “to prove that girls are huge complainers.” Oh, buddy. Simply from looking at this pair of shoes, any woman could tell Brandon his effort would be a disaster. He sprung for an ultra-strappy set of 3-inch stilettos with no break-in period. No wonder the pain sets in immediately (almost as if he rubbed fire ants on his crotch). This dude wants to quit the heels before he leaves his apartment building.

Brandon is a trooper though. He quickly admits, “It’s tough to be a chick.” After he receives odd glances from co-workers, Brandon sighs, “It sucks that I have to choose between being respected and looking good.” By lunch time, Brandon has grown acquainted with his feminine side: “I feel like people like to talk about how chicks are pissy sometimes, like in b*tchy moods, and I completely get it right now. Like, I wanna kill everybody.”

Before the day is over, Brandon nearly tumbles down a flight of stairs. He endures selfie assaults from strangers, and teenagers make fun of him on the sidewalk. Late in the afternoon, Brandon’s legs are shaking as he whimpers, “I want death. Please let me die.”

Brandon endured self-torture from 9 a.m. to 7:15 p.m., which is pretty spectacular for someone who’s never worn heels before. He’s still a whiner.

(Via BroBible)