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Russian Pedestrian Nearly Disappears Under Snow

Russia, where nothing is as it seems.

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A Weather Channel Videobomber Got The Swift Knee To The Nuts He Deserves


This is our Zapruder film. Back...and to the left. Back...and to the left.

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This Week’s Best Fail Videos

The funniest and most painful fail clips from the third week of January, all in one video.

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The Ultimate Bike Jump Fail Compilation

The funniest (most painful) clips of failed bike jumps, all in one video.

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Rooftop Jump Nearly Has Deadly Consequences

A rooftop-to-rooftop jump doesn't go as planned, and the result is nearly catastrophic.


Rickshaw Stunt Fail

This was just a terrible idea from the start.


Backhoe Recovery Fail

A team of Turkish workers try to recover an overturned backhoe loader using an excavator. It doesn't go very well.


The Best Fails Of The Week

The funniest and most painful fail clips from the second week of January, all in one video.


Here’s Yet Another Reason To Always Keep Your Head Up While Walking Through Russia


A bundled girl trudges through the cold weather with her head down, which is never a safe thing to do in Russia.

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Watch A Texting Driver Bring Swift, Painful Justice Upon Himself With The Worst Turn In Human History


A driver who was later determined to be texting behind the wheel receives a gorgeous dose of Instant karma.

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The Ultimate Fishing Fails Compilation

The funniest, wettest, and post painful fishing fails, all in one video.


The Ultimate Workout Fail Compilation

The funniest (and most painful) gym mishaps, all in one video.

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Man Falls Through Ceiling Of Golf Shop

A security camera captures a man falling through the ceiling at his local pro shop, and the hilariously casual conversation that ensues.

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The Best Fails Of The Week

The funniest and most painful fail clips from the first full week of 2014, all in one video.

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Thirty Years Later, People Still Haven’t Learned From ‘A Christmas Story’


A New Hampshire girl who has unfortunately never seen 'A Christmas Story' learned the hard way that we don't put our tongues on frozen flag poles.


Rodeo Bull Launches Woman Into The Air

A rodeo bull in Costa Rica chases down a woman and launches her into the stands.


Check Out The Latest Insanely Bad Ass Russian Dash Cam Car Chase


A Russian dash cam video reveals that a 'tough guy' with road rage got a little more than he bargained for when his opponent finally fought back.

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