Here’s Yet Another Reason To Always Keep Your Head Up While Walking Through Russia

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A bundled girl trudges through the cold weather with her head down, which is never a safe thing to do in Russia.

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Watch A Texting Driver Bring Swift, Painful Justice Upon Himself With The Worst Turn In Human History

By | 28 Comments

A driver who was later determined to be texting behind the wheel receives a gorgeous dose of Instant karma.

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The Ultimate Fishing Fails Compilation


The funniest, wettest, and post painful fishing fails, all in one video.


The Ultimate Workout Fail Compilation


The funniest (and most painful) gym mishaps, all in one video.

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Man Falls Through Ceiling Of Golf Shop


A security camera captures a man falling through the ceiling at his local pro shop, and the hilariously casual conversation that ensues.

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The Best Fails Of The Week


The funniest and most painful fail clips from the first full week of 2014, all in one video.

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Thirty Years Later, People Still Haven’t Learned From ‘A Christmas Story’

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A New Hampshire girl who has unfortunately never seen 'A Christmas Story' learned the hard way that we don't put our tongues on frozen flag poles.


Rodeo Bull Launches Woman Into The Air


A rodeo bull in Costa Rica chases down a woman and launches her into the stands.


Check Out The Latest Insanely Bad Ass Russian Dash Cam Car Chase

By | 9 Comments

A Russian dash cam video reveals that a 'tough guy' with road rage got a little more than he bargained for when his opponent finally fought back.


This Detroit Red Wings Fan Made A Winter Ass Out Of Himself At The Winter Classic

By | 7 Comments

A guy in a Detroit Red Wings sweater tried to videobomb a local reporter and got a first class trip to the icy ground courtesy of God and karma.


NBC Celebrates The Return Of ‘Community’ By Proving It’s Still Terrible At Promoting ‘Community’

By | 25 Comments

Oh, NBC. Even when you attempt to give one of your best programs the promotion it deserves, you manage to screw it up.

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Watch A Utah News Reporter Pass Out On Live TV, Then Miraculously Pop Up And Continue Her Segment

By | 4 Comments

KUTV 2 News reporter Brooke Graham managed to turn a scary moment into a comical one.


How Not To Load A Tank


A multi-million dollar war machine gets taken down by the basic laws of physics.

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Exploding Tire Launches Russian Mechanic Into The Air


This mechanic was lucky to walk (or limp) away with nothing more than a knee injury after a giant tire exploded right in his face.

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The Best News Bloopers Of 2013


The funniest and most outrageous news mishaps of the year, all in one video.

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The Best Fails Of 2013


The most entertaining (and painful) mishaps caught on video this year, all in one compilation.


A Record-Chaser Who Shattered His Neck Jumping Through Glass Now Wants Money For ‘The Ultimate Comeback’

By | 8 Comments

You should probably watch "Half Animal" break his neck trying to break a world record before pulling out your wallet.


The Ultimate Teeter-Totter Fail Compilation


The most entertaining seesaw mishaps ever caught on camera, all in one video.

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