Put That Away, Megazord! The New ‘Power Rangers’ Toys Are Very Happy To See You.

The newest Power Rangers TV series in Japan (known as Super Sentai there) is train themed. The official set of new toys for the series is here, and boy are they happy to see you.

The toys are called Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa, which translates roughly as “Furious Train Squadron Limited Express Rangers”. These train-themed Power Rangers can also join together to make a big robot (Megazord), as usual.

Did we mention the robot formation comes with a factory standard giant train penis?

Here’s what the toy looks like fully assembled.

Here are the instructions.

The instructions urge you to lift that red train all that way up, not halfway. Certainly not halfway…

And here’s the inevitable result. A “furious train” if we’ve ever seen one.

Oh, Japan. Never change.

Pictures by @ASTROONSEN, @jinsei_b0t, @ZEXIV, and Seesaa via Kotaku.