Howard Stern Engaged Steve Carell In Some Delightful Michael Keaton Oscars Trash Talking

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Steve Carell had some HARSH words for his Best Actor Academy Award competition Michael Keaton.

#Key And Peele

‘Key & Peele’ Give Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman The Joint Press Conference They Deserve

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'Key & Peele' provide the perfect parody to Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch's battle with the media before Super Bowl XLIX.


Wrestler Mark Schultz Apologizes For His ‘Foxcatcher’ Twitter Rant

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To make up for it, Schultz took to Twitter to take back his prior comments and praise director Bennett Miller.

#Oscars 2015

James Gunn Finds This Year’s Oscar Nominations As Baffling As Everybody Else

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The director of Guardians of the Galaxy isn't thrilled with this year's Oscar nominations, calls 'LEGO Movie' snub "f*cking ridiculous".


‘Foxcatcher’ Subject Mark Schultz Is Still Pissed At Director Bennett Miller (And Has A Right To Be)

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Stop turning "based on a true story" into a collection of stock characters and familiar myths.


‘Foxcatcher’ Wrestler Mark Schultz Really, Really Hates Director Bennett Miller

By | 16 Comments

Mark Schultz's main concern seems to be that he feels the movie implied that he and John du Pont (played by Steve Carrell) had a sexual relationship.


The 2014 UPROXX People Of The Year

By | 41 Comments

Celebrate the people who helped make our days a little brighter and funnier in 2014.

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Review: ‘Foxcatcher’ Is Great At Looking Like An Awards Movie

By | 60 Comments

If it's a movie you're after, Foxcatcher is certainly that.

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Here’s Channing Tatum Trying His Best To Stump Jimmy Fallon In ‘Box Of Lies’

By | 4 Comments

Channing Tatum tries to use his chiseled looks to defeat Jimmy Fallon as the first male contestant in 'Box of Lies' on 'The Tonight Show.'


FilmDrunk Has Arrived At TIFF! 10 Films We’d Like To See (If They’ll Let Us)

By | 42 Comments

Here's your exclusive preview of the Toronto International Film Festival from a guy not cool enough to be officially granted access to it!


Things Are Getting Really Serious In The New Teaser Trailer For ‘Foxcatcher’

By | 13 Comments

Critics are already praising 'Foxcatcher' and its cast for strong performances, which are on display in the newest teaser trailer.


Channing Tatum Is Ready To Wrassle That Oscar Out Of You In ‘Foxcatcher’

By | 13 Comments

Channing Tatum looks ready to wrestle in the new poster for 'Foxcatcher.'

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