Presenting 'Magic Johnson: The Gathering'

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The sports world is abuzz with the news that a Magic-Johnson fronted group broke the dang old bank in order to purchase the Dodgers for over $2 billion, which is a figure so absurd that it may as well be written like a comic strip character says cuss words.


Report: Gilbert Arenas Officially Signs With The Grizzlies


His long odyssey to get back into the NBA is finally over.


The Bulls Annihilate An East Contender; Gilbert Arenas Finally Finds A Team


Actually, we're not even sure we should call Orlando a contender after last night.


Question Of The Day: Would You Take A Chance On Gilbert Arenas?

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Gilbert Arenas, the point guard with a funny name and a flair for the funnies, had an electric run as a premiere scorer.

Terrico White

D.J. Mbenga All-Stars: The Top 10 Unsigned NBA Free Agents

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Kenyon Martin isn't the only one in search of a team.

#LeBron James

Dime Q&A: Penny Hardaway Tells All

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If you're a fan of Penny Hardaway, it's impossible not to consider what could have been.


The Bucks Hunt Down The Lakers; Andre Iguodala Has The Best Dunk Of The Season

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Nothing hurts more than losing your spot at the gym because you lost to a bunch of random dudes.


Report: Wizards Have Fired Flip Saunders

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You had to know this was coming sooner or later.


No One Wants Gilbert Arenas

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"I can stand in a room full of dead people and make it exciting.

#Chris Paul

10 NBA New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

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We thought we'd mix it up a bit this morning.


Gilbert Arenas’ Christmas List: Heat, Lakers, Knicks Or Dwight

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The fact that Gilbert Arenas is still a free agent says a lot about the direction the NBA is headed.


OKC Puts On A Shooting Clinic; The Heat’s Big 3 Can’t Be Stopped

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It wasn't too long ago that Orlando/Miami was a big Eastern Conference tilt.

#Chris Paul

Kobe Bryant Is Angry About The Lamar Odom Trade; Chris Paul To The Clippers?

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The Clippers better hope David Stern likes their team because if it comes down to it, he'll have a huge say in whether or not they get the best point guard in the game to possibly ignite the next Gary Payton/Shawn Kemp oop combo.

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul To The Lakers Trade Talks Are Back On; Vince Carter Close To Signing With Dallas

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Of all five teams that the New Orleans fiasco sort of screwed over this week (Los Angeles, New Orleans, Houston, the Knicks and Boston), it's the Lakers who are probably hurting the most to get these talks kick-started and moving again.

Travis Outlaw

The Top 5 Potential NBA Amnesty Clause Victims

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There has been a lot of talk over the last several weeks about the new CBA's "Amnesty Clause" for NBA teams.

Rich Cho

Source: 3-Time NBA All-Star Brandon Roy Could Be Available

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As more details become available as to what's included in the NBA's new labor deal, one of the more interesting additions to the CBA is the so-called "amnesty clause," where every team can waive one player and remove their salary from counting against the cap.


A ‘Nuclear Winter’ Hits The NBA; Syracuse Is The Deepest Team In The Country

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In the words of one of our more eloquent Twitter followers: "What the f--- am I supposed to watch after the Super Bowl.


Video: Highlights From Matt Barnes’ We Believe vs. Dub Charity Game

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If you were following along on Twitter Saturday night, then you saw we were coming to you live from San Jose for the We Believe vs.

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