The NBA’s 50 Biggest Sneakerheads On Instagram

It’s no surprise that NBA players are some of the biggest sneakerheads in the world. You can see them rocking the most exclusive kicks on a daily basis, in part because they’re always around the culture and, more importantly, because they can get basically anything they want. And thanks to Instagram, we’re getting a better look now at what’s on their feet than ever before.

Need some names to follow on Instagram? Check out this list, which features 50 of the Association’s biggest sneakerheads on Instagram.

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Account: @Jimmybuckets21
Living in one of the sneaker capitals in America, it was just a matter of time ’til Jimmy Butler started getting his kick game right. Jimmy is seen mostly in adidas on the court, but his closet is also full of designer kicks like Gucci.

Account: @kentbazemore20
Kent Bazemore has his share of great kicks. Being a part of the Under Armour team makes his look on the court that much better. From the bench to the street to his Instagram, Kent Bazemore is somebody you should pay attention to.

Account: @dahntay1
As compared to Beal, Dahntay Jones is not your average sneakerhead. He may have some of the typical sneakerhead essentials like Jordans, but he is what you call a “designer sneakerhead”. Some of the kicks he possess range from Balenciaga to Lanvin. Jones easily shows us that designer kicks also make his shoe closet spectacular.

Account: @deandrejordan6
Besides DJ being known as the walking highlight film in the NBA, his kick game is proper. When Jordan steps on the court, sometimes you have to rewind the tape and take notice of what’s on his feet. Seen mostly in Under Armour (although he does love some custom Chucks), he’s one of the few big guys that has legit sneaker style.

Account: @dlee042
Golden State’s David Lee sure knows the right kicks to display on the hardwood. Seen in everything Nike, David Lee shows sneakerheads that his stash is elite. Usually seen in personal NIKEiD Hyperdunks, it’s evident the shoe game is on 100 when he steps foot onto the court.

Account: @jharden13
Known for his beard, James Harden’s shoe game should also get some love. He doesn’t just wear Air Jordans. He can be seen rocking high-end shoes. On the court, Harden’s PE kicks are literally noteworthy as he never fails to give fans a first look at exclusive kicks.

Account: @_kw15
Kemba Walker, known for his vicious crossover and playmaking ability, has the hardwood kicks on full lockdown. While Kemba is often giving his opponents the Shammgod, he is always doing it while rocking Under Armour. Walker has been seen this season in the Under Armour “Anatomix Spawn” in various colors. It’s clear Kemba is on his way to taking the brand to the next level.

Account: @kobebryant
He might be one of the best players of all time, but KB has never really been about styling on Instagram. With that being said, he’ll still drop a pair of dope Mambas on there every now and then. Follow him so you don’t miss it.

Account: @nerlensnoel3
One of the newest editions to the Reebok family, this rookie knows the meaning of classics. When you take a peek through his Instagram, you see the holy grail of all Reebok kicks — the Question, notably made popular by Allen Iverson. Nerlens Noel has every Reebok shoe you can imagine. As one of the first to debut the Q96, that’s a perk of being the next big thing.

Account: @K1irving
Kyrie Irving takes the cake for the best Nike HyperDunk PEs in the NBA. Uncle Drew has some of the best details etched into each sneaker, making it a sight to see when he’s on the court. Fans of Kyrie and his kicks are usually mesmerized by the small facets of the shoes that make it great. Now that he’ll be rocking new HyperRevs PEs, his Instagram profile should be on the rise.

Account: @tobiasharris
Orlando’s rising star is definitely a stud on the hardwood. Tobias Harris’ ability to play multiple positions displays his all-around game, while his versatility in his shoe game gets him noticed online. Known to bring a less flashy look, Tobias is often seen rocking Nike Trainer kicks for comfort but will also bust out some more flashy kicks. Personally, I suggest if you are trying to get some pointers, you should look through his Instagram.

Account: @indianageorge3
George Hill has always been unique. When you go through his Instagram, you don’t see the usual Jordans, LeBrons or personal NIKEiD kicks. One thing about George Hill is he tries to stand out. His kick game is impeccable and he runs the custom game. Check for yourself.

Account: @ebled2
Eric Bledsoe known for his high-flying level of play, but he sure knows how to fly above a lot of the sneakerheads in the NBA, too. From rocking new LeBrons almost every game on-court to being one the few to snag the Air Yeezys, Eric Bledsoe is no rookie anymore.

Account: @Wessywes2
A trailblazer in the sneaker game (no pun intended), Wesley can teach you a few things about being a sneakerhead. Just looking at his collection, Wes knows what’s hot and what’s the next big thing. Seen in mostly Jordans, Wes is known all over the net for his kick game.

Account: @demar_derozan
Mr. “Comp10” himself, DeMar DeRozan has been stacking up on his Jordans even before he made the league. His on-court kicks vary from retro Air Jordan XIVs to Kobes. DeRozan was actually one of the first players to breakout retro Jordans on the court and he’s easily one of the best when it comes to wearing dope stuff during games. But for some reason, his Instagram account lacks the same flair — he just simply doesn’t post a lot of his sneakers.

Account: @damianlillard
Some skills that point guards should have are being able to lead, being a playmaker and also scoring points. That said, with his shoe game, Damian puts numbers on the board. As a somewhat new addition to the adidas family, Lillard has some of the craziest on-court colorways and is holding up the D Rose line almost by himself. Looking through his Instagram, it makes you wonder what the next idea him and adidas will develop.

Account: @qmillertime
Three words to describe Quincy Miller? Young, fly and flashy. When you scroll through his Instagram, you are quickly captivated by a player that knows his way around the sneaker world. With kicks ranging from the infamous Reebok Answers to Air Jordans are evidence that Quincy has the shoe game on lock.

Account: @dwrightway
Everything is designer when it comes to Dorell Wright. You can catch him rocking retro Js but when he steps out you will see him in designer shoes. Some of the designer shoes you can find him in are Lanvins and Buchemis.

Account: @realdealbeal23
Bradley Beal is your average sneakerhead, and we say that in the best way possible. Seen at a bunch of sneaker expos throughout Washington D.C., Beal knows exactly where to cop the latest drops. The Wizards sharpshooter is usually seen rocking the latest Jordans while trying to find the next big thing.

Account: @Dwill8
Front man of the Brooklyn Nets, D¬-Will has been leading the pack as one of the smoothest players in THE game. Much like his game on the court, his shoe game is just as smooth. Deron Williams is a premier Nike athlete, therefore is seen in all kinds of personal NIKEiD kicks.

Account: @TRobinson0
The big fella definitely knows a thing or two about sneakers. You can catch Thomas Robinson in the latest Jordans, like the pic shown below. He knows what’s hot. Seen in the Air Jordan V “Fire Red” here, Thomas Robinson knows these are one of the best Jordans ever.

Account: @Paul_George24
The face of the Indiana Pacers, Paul George is having an incredible season and starting to emerge as one of the best players in the NBA. Hailing from California, his distinct Cali roots are embedded in his style and are seen through his kicks. Seen rocking anything from Foamposites to NIKEiD HyperDunks, Paul George is versatile.

Account: @money23green
Don’t overlook Golden State’s Draymond Green. We aren’t. Green has come onto the scene as one of the league favorite’s for on-court kicks, and his profile is only rising as he gets more minutes with Golden State. Usually seen in cool NIKEiD Hyperdunks, his Foamposite collection is also something to brag about.

Account: @tyrekeevans
Tyreke makes it look so easy when it comes to his shoe game. Scrolling through his pictures, you see the various brands that he has in his closet. Evans can be seen in Louboutins or keeping it simple in the Laney Jordan Vs.

Account: @dwyanewade
After his departure from Jordan Brand, most figured Wade’s hardwood kicks would not be sought after, but we were mistaken. Even though Li-Ning isn’t nearly as popular in the states as it is in China, the colorways on his kicks are great and the product and materials are top of the line.

Account: @Andre
Seen here is the Andre Iguodala x Marcus Troy Bespoke Nike Air Force 1 “Ai9”. These are a one of a kind pair and crafted just for Iggy. Andre is not just killing the game with the typical holy grails in his closet, but destroying the competition with his own pair of kicks.

Account: @Jordanhamilton1
Whenever the newest shoes drop, Jordan Hamilton will have them in his possession. A true sneaker connoisseur, Jordan Hamilton knows the shoe game. Always in up to date, it’s always a surprise to see what game shoes he will reveal.

Account: @stak5ots
The newest Clipper, Stephen Jackson is known to change the game with his many talents on the court. This translates to his sneakers, as well. Throughout the years, Stephen Jackson has been rocking some of the league’s elite personalized kicks, especially Jordans.

Account: @twroten_loe
Tony Wroten doesn’t just get customs kicks to show off. He wears them on the court. Wroten is one of the only players in the league that wear his custom Jordans on the court, and because many are done up by Mache, we can’t help but salivate over them. It’s most definitely a sight to see.

Account: @Husky4lyfe
Rudy Gay is a favorite, especially to us at Dime, when it comes to the sneaker game. In Toronto, before recently being traded, he consistently killed it with his kicks on-court, a byproduct of having a uniform that fit perfectly with Jordans. Seen here holding the “Bugs Bunny” Jordans, it’s a true indicator that he knows about the shoe game.

Account: @jchillington
If you have been paying attention to the shoe game, you are familiar with Josh Childress. He’s known all over the ‘net for his infamous garage full of exclusive kicks. Josh Childress can be seen in Jordans or the beloved Pennys or Uptowns or virtually anything. The dude doesn’t care about hype, so he gets extra points in our book.

Account: @imanshumpertthe1st
Despite the Knicks being one the league’s worst, Shumpert is one of the league’s best when it comes to sneakers. Shumpert is always showing off his love for the flashiest kicks through his Instagram. The go-to kicks he usually rocks are the Crazy 8s, which were notably made popular by Kobe Bryant. Also, Shumpert rocks a lot of adidas kicks by Jeremy Scott, which match his flashy style.

Account: @Tee_Y
Tyshawn Taylor is no stranger to bringing some of the best kicks out on display. Seen in the special blue Crazy 8s, Tyshawn is among the best sneakerheads in the game. When you look through his Instagram you notice kicks ranging from Balenciaga to Jordans, which show his love for all types of kicks.

Account: @Wilsonchvndler21
Wilson Chandler is not your typical sneakerhead. A lot of sneakerheads have the typical original Jordans or LeBrons in their arsenal. But when it comes to the Denver forward, he has a bit of everything. Like his kicks pictured above, his Supreme “Camo” Air Force Ones are an example of his taste. Wilson Chandler’s Instagram is filled with a bunch of shoes — from the aforementioned Jordans to old Nikes that deserve a second go-around in stores.

16. J.R. SMITH
Account: @Teamswish
There is one thing you can’t deny about J.R. Smith: this guy knows when to show out. Known to be an electric player on the court, J.R’s kick rotation makes one takes notice and demands attention. One of the few players that goes through tons of on-court kicks every season, Smith knows what’s in and going out of style.

Account: @gilbertarenas0
Gilbert Arenas’ shoe game has always been incredible, ever since he was given the nickname Agent Zero. It’s only seemed to amplify over the past few years as the former star has begun giving away rare kicks to his fans through online contests and trivia. Arenas has a love for kicks and if you look through his Instagram, you will notice. Get this man back in the league!

Account: @realtristan13
Who said that the sneaker game is not prominent up north? Canada’s own Tristan Thompson shows on an everyday basis that his kick game is top notch. Sporting customized Balenciaga shoes almost on the daily, it’s clear his game is nearly unmatched.

Account: @JFlight
Cunningham can’t go a week without posting some dope sneaker shots on his Instagram. It feels like he’s addicted. Cunningham, who was recently sent down to the D-League, shows you there is no limit and no such thing as having too many kicks. Through his Instagram, you see kicks ranging from the Carmine VIs to the Air Jordan XIVs. Jared definitely knows that when it comes to being a sneakerhead, more is better.

Account: @Jethrowellington
It obvious which kicks are his favorite, right? Kendall has been killing it since his days at North Carolina, and while he’s currently not signed by an NBA team, he still needs to be on this list.

11. C.J. MILES
Account: @Masfresco
Miles is all about the exclusive kicks, and having shoes that are really hard to find. The shoes in the above pic are the original white and blue Air Jordan VIs. These are pretty much impossible to get your hands on. C.J. Miles is one of the only players I would love to tag along for a shoe shopping spree, which, ironically, Dime did a few years back.

Account: @naterobinson
Robinson is a player with a sneaker obsession that we can’t even imagine. Looking through his Instagram causes nothing but envy due to all the exclusive Js he has in the closet. Did I mention he played a game in a pair of Nike Air Yeezys? All Hail Nate! Only problem here? He doesn’t always post his best on IG… or else he’d be ranked much higher.

Account: @russwest44
Although his clothing choices can be a little bit out there, Russell Westbrook’s shoe game makes up for that. Russ always manages to pull out shoes that nobody can get or even find a verified release date on. Westbrook being a part of the Jordan Brand — where he was the first to debut the XX8 in an NBA game — gives him an upper hand on all of us.

Account: @Boogiecousins
Besides being one of the best dressed, featured in our “Hot In The Streets” section almost every week, Boogie has the shoe game on lock. If you want, versatility, he’s one of the league’s best. Always showing his love for Nike Air Foamposites, he has practically every single one ever made. As seen in the ever so popular Air Bakins, DMC makes it look so easy.

Account: @SwaggyP1
Mr. Swaggy P himself, Nick Young is the true definition of a sneakerhead. Always showing his West Coast flavor in his selection, Nick Young is light years ahead of people in that department. For starters, in this pic he has on the retro Air Jordan Is while holding the “Lighting” Air Jordan IV. He knows what he’s doing and nobody can ever question him. The man even has a shoe butler in his house.

Account: @easymoneysniper
Kevin Durant is known for his personal kicks on the court, but his off-the-court shoe game is just as cool. One of the first people to style on the Internet with the Air Jordan V “Oregon Ducks”, KD proves again and again on his Instagram that his shoe game is nothing to mess with.

Account: @Jarrettjack03
When it comes to Jarrett Jack, his profile is 75 percent sneakers. The true definition of a sneakerhead, Jarret Jack shows you there are levels to the sneaker game. Obviously, he has a sneaker problem and is proud of it. Not to mention, he has the exclusive Air Jordan 13 “Sugar Ray” editions in his closet.

Account: @KingJames
LeBron James not only shows out with his signature sneaker line but has colorways that nobody can touch. James’ sneaker line made more money than anyone’s this past year, and when it’s all said and done, it’ll rival MJ’s as the best ever. So what that pretty much every sneaker he posts (outside of today’s Jordan V “Ducks”) is his own? He still kills it.

Account: @ripcity3232
For many years, Richard Hamilton has been known as one of the league’s greatest sneakerheads. Seen in virtually every single pair of Jordans (and that’s a lot), Rip’s Instagram basically plays out like a sneaker shop. Shoe. After shoe. After shoe. Featuring old school pairs to customized joints that you’ll likely never see, Hamilton probably posts more shoe photos than any other player in the Association. One of the GOATs when it comes to this, Hamilton isn’t even in the NBA right now and yet he’s one of the must-follows on this list.

Account: @Cp3
Being one of the faces of Jordan Brand in the NBA definitely has some perks. Chris Paul is laced on the daily with some of the best Jordan kicks we ever seen. Not to mention, he has his own shoe line with Jordan, which is a true indicator his shoes are one of kind.

Account: @dwillvii
For starters, he has his own shoe store in Arizona. If that is not any indication that Derrick Williams is about the shoe game than you don’t know the game. He was also named Nice Kicks’ Kicks On Court Champ last year. Derrick Williams is the man when it comes to shoes — just look at his selection. Everything is in there, from the “Ashton Martin” Kobes to retro Jordans that haven’t seen the light of day in a decade. Derrick is a don when it comes to showing out via Instagram.

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