Byron Scott

Byron Scott Says Lakers Brass Told Him He’s ‘Doing A Great Job’

So having one of the worst defenses in the NBA and the second-worst record (18-50) in the Western Conference is a "good job." Got it.


Report: Multiple Sources Say Kobe Is To Blame For Steep Decline Of The Lakers


Former ESPN True Hoop head honcho and one of the most respected writers in the game, Henry Abbott, published a sprawling, multifaceted feature on Kobe Bryant today.

Mitch Kupchak

Report: Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Coach Of Lakers

The Lakers announced that head coach Mike D'Antoni has resigned as their coach in a press release earlier today.


10 Bold Predictions For The NBA’s Second Half

We're technically past the halfway point in the NBA season, but really, let's be serious: Things don't start to heat up until after the All-Star break.


Report: Kobe Bryant Signs Two-Year, $48 Million Extension


According to Ramona Shelburne and Chris Broussard of ESPN, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant have agreed on a two-year, $48 million extension keeping Kobe as a "Laker for life.


Why Everything You’ve Heard About LeBron James To The Lakers Is Wrong

The Los Angeles Lakers, coming off the Dwight Howard debacle which intertwined nicely with the disgraceful decision making process behind their current coach, have now declared themselves out of the LeBron James enticement business.


Jim Buss Says His Late Father Didn’t Think Phil Jackson Was a Long Term Option As Lakers Coach

The late, great Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss was a titan in the game of basketball and easily one of the finest owners, not just in the NBA, but in sports history.


Phil Jackson Continues To Consult For The Lakers Despite Buss Sibling Rivalry

The present situation with the Los Angeles Lakers is bizarre.


How To Lose Dwight Howard & Destroy The Lakers In 12 Steps: The Jim Buss Plan

So Dwight Howard has skipped town, exited stage left, lured by Houston's friendly tax laws and evening entertainment.


NBA Trade Rumor: Lakers Would Give Up Andrew Bynum ‘For The Right Deal’


Jim Buss may finally be willing to part with his love child, his project and his identity.


Lakers: Andrew Bynum Is Untouchable


If it's left up to the Lakers vice president Jim Buss, Andrew Bynum isn't going anywhere.

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