Kevin James Fights A Bird In The New Trailer For ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2′

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Kevin James is falling down, getting kicked by horses and punching old ladies in the new trailer for 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.'

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The First Trailer For ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2′ Is Everything You’d Ever Expect

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In the first trailer for 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,' Kevin James makes all the same jokes all over again.


‘Mercy Rule’ Is A Christian Baseball Movie Starring Kirk Cameron And… Bas Rutten?

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Bas Rutten plays a little league coach for the scary robot who has body-snatched Kirk Cameron.


Let’s Relive The Time Patton Oswalt Pranked ‘The King Of Queens’ By Standing Completely Still

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Here's a little 'King Of Queens' reunion coupled with some classic Patton Oswalt for your viewing pleasure.


Adam Sandler’s Adaptation Of ‘Pixels’ Will Star Kevin James And Josh Gad

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Set for a May 15, 2015 release date, Adam Sandler's big screen adaptation of the wonderful short film 'Pixels' will star the same old crew.

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There’s Going To Be A ‘Paul Blart’ Sequel And Probably An Apocalypse

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Sony Pictures and Happy Madison have found a new director and are apparently moving forward with a 'Paul Blart' sequel.

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Adam Sandler Tops Forbes’ List of Overpaid Actors, Knocking Off Eddie Murphy

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Adam Sandler has knocked Eddie Murphy out of the top spot in Forbes' list of the Top 10 Most Overpaid Actors.


11 Fighters We’d Like To See Coach Against Each Other On The Ultimate Fighter

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The UFC’s reality series The Ultimate Fighter 18 debuted on Wednesday night after a pretty great Fight Night on Fox Sports 1, and based on just the one episode, I feel confident that we’re in for a heck of a season.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Here Comes The Boom’

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I’ve been tossing this 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days installment back and forth in my brain for a few weeks, since I decided to leave Here Comes the Boom on in the background while restocking my origami shop on Etsy, and I didn’t really want to write about this movie – or have to watch it the whole way through again – because Happy Madison movies do awful things to my anger levels.


Isis The Amazon Made Former UFC Champ Bas Rutten Look Like Punchy Smurf

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Or perhaps you wrestling fans remember her better as "Aloisia” from her very, very, very, very, very, VERY short (as in it never really happened because she was “fired” before it began) stint on season three of WWE’s NXT.


SUPERCUT: Every time Kevin James has fallen down

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Considering a search through my archives for "Kevin James" and "falling down" yields no less than 25 separate FilmDrunk posts, I'm a little upset that this new Supercut of every time Kevin James falls down in a movie didn't come from us.


Forgotten Classics: Ray Romano & Kevin James are meat salesmen in ‘Grilled’

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The other day when we were trying to come up with comedy vehicles for Vince Vaughn, someone on Twitter saw that we'd included "Grillmasters," about Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson becoming competitive BBQers, and asked if I'd ever heard of Grilled.


The Trailer For ‘Grown Ups 2′ Has Arrived

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Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and the rest of the Happy Madison cronies are back for the sequel to my 2010 pick for the Worst Movie of the Year and, with the glaring exception of That’s My Boy, possibly the worst movie Sandler has ever made, Grown Ups.


Box Office Recap: ‘Here Comes The Boom’ Made Too Much Money

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One of our biggest fears heading into the UFC 153 live discussion at With Leather on Saturday night was that the event was going to be soaked in the stink of Here Comes the Boom previews, and I was even betting that Kevin James and Adam Sandler would show up as Stephan Bonnar’s ring entourage, which would have been fitting considering the beating he took.


Here Comes the Boom: An MMA Fan’s Review

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Normally I have a little rule I try to stick by when I'm reviewing a film.


If Rain Wasn’t Bad Enough, Adam Sandler Played Kevin James At The U.S. Open

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With Andy Roddick now retired and the nation mourning the loss of Brooklyn Decker’s attendance at Grand Slam events, there isn’t much left for American men’s tennis fans to be excited about.


New Trailer: Paul Blart Presents: 'Mixed Martial Farts'

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Some snoots over at "Sony Pictures" or "IMDB" might tell you that this latest film produced by Happy Madison stars someone called "Kevin James," and is titled "Here Comes the Boom.

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Adam Sandler is remaking Summer School? Well sunglass my dog.

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I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the 1987 Mark Harmon-starring Summer School, not because it was a good movie, but because it had a dog in sunglasses on the cover, which is always radical (he was sort of the proto-Marmaduke).

unnecessary sequels

‘Grown Ups 2′ Might Not Be ‘Grown Ups 2′

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Chris Rock was at Sundance last week to promote his new film, 2 Days in New York, directed by Julie Delpy, whose best movie was Killing Zoe and I will fight people to the death if they believe otherwise.

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