‘Home Team’ Starring Kevin James As Sean Payton Looks As Absurd As You’d Imagine

It’s a big year for movies made about recent NFL events, as the movie about Kurt Warner, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, comes out this week. On Tuesday, the first trailer dropped for Home Team, an upcoming Netflix film about the year Sean Payton was suspended from the New Orleans Saints for the bounty scandal (which I’m sure will not be exactly touched on strongly in the movie) and coached his son’s middle school football team.

Starring as Sean Payton is Kevin James, which is certainly an interesting casting choice, but since this is a Happy Madison production there were only so many choices for a leading man and Adam Sandler and David Spade must’ve been busy — have no fear, though, Rob Schneider makes his contractually obligated appearance as a weirdo. The trailer shows Payton learning he’s being suspended for the year and then showing up at his son’s practice to see a team of misfits and goofballs in desperate need of some leadership, with coach Taylor Lautner at the helm desperately trying to create a functional football team.

It’s just a two-minute trailer, but you can see that this is going to play the hits for a Happy Madison movie, with kids getting hit in the butt by footballs and an entire team projectile vomiting because of Rob Schneider’s homemade energy bars. It also will apparently try to tell a touching story of a father and son who don’t spend much time together getting to know each other in between slapstick routines. You can see it for yourself on January 28 on Netflix.