Kevin James Digitally Edited Himself Into The Coin Toss Scene From ‘No Country For Old Men’

Did you know Kevin James has a YouTube channel? I didn’t until today, so I’m delighted to discover the Grown Ups star’s video series, “Sound Guy,” where he digitally inserts himself into famous movies as, well, a sound guy. He’s done Inception, A Star is Born, Joker, Star Wars, The Notebook, There Will Be Blood, and most recently, There Will Be Blood‘s Best Picture rival, No Country for Old Men. Have you ever wanted to see the King of Queens be threatened by Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh? Probably not! But it’s actually pretty funny and well done; also, James is wearing a Mets hat. (Go Mets.)

What other Best Picture winners should Kevin James be edited into? I would love to see him as Jack in Titanic. Or maybe Henry Higgins in The Music Man. Or Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in Chicago. Richard Gere’s character, too. What I’m saying is, remake Chicago and have every character be played by Kevin James. It’s a prestige Klumps!

In real life, James will next appear in Hubie Halloween, a Netflix/Happy Madison comedy starring Adam Sandler as “Hubie Dubois, a good-natured but eccentric community volunteer who despite his devotion to his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, is mocked by kids and adults alike.” It will be seen by approximately 70 million people.