Kevin James Finally Speaks And Addresses Erinn Hayes ‘Death’ On ‘Kevin Can Wait’

10.17.17 1 year ago 8 Comments

Since the premiere of season two of Kevin Can Wait, viewers and curious parties have been waiting to know how the show would handle the death of Erinn Hayes character, Donna, on the show and if it would get more than its passing mention from the premiere. It would seem like the moment has passed at this point, but Kevin James has addressed the decision to remove Hayes and kill off her character on the show.

According to a chat with the New York Daily News, James went into detail about the original plans for the series and his feelings about the reaction of fans to the decision to kill off Hayes’ character and how the show announced the news:

“I get that people are like ‘Whoa, why would you do this?’ But it really felt like a thing like this was needed for this show to drive forward,” James said. Now, I have to deal with my daughter in a different way, and she’s gonna go to college, or one’s getting married, or the holidays. And it deals with things in a different, weightier way.”

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