‘Kevin Can Wait’ Removes Kevin’s Wife And Adds Leah Remini As A Regular For Bonus ‘King Of Queens’ Flavor

CBS is seeing an ol’ fashioned cast shakeup coming to its “OH THOSE BOYS!” Monday sitcom block. The Kevin James comedy (or if you prefer, the Bas Ruten comedy) Kevin Can Wait is ditching James’ co-star and bumping up a familiar face to a regular spot on the series.

TVLine reports that the sophomore sitcom will be undergoing a creative reset. Part of that retooling meant the exit of James’ on-screen wife Erinn Hayes from the show. She confirmed the news on Twitter shortly after the news broke.

While Hayes is departing the show, James’ former King Of Queens co-star Leah Remini is being bumped up from her season 1 guest star role as undercover cop Vanessa Cellucci to an official series regular gig. Variety reports that the sources they’ve spoken with have said the casting change isn’t due to any performance issues, but rather a general change in direction.

This extended King of Queens reunion-type structure has doofuses like me that watched and liked the bulk of King of Queens sorting out if this an enticing hook to try out Kevin Can Wait (James and Remini have great chemistry) or if it’s just bait to project old sitcom feelings on an unrelated show. The first wave of answers will come when season 2 of Kevin Can Wait premieres September 25.

(Via TVLine)