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Steve Spurrier Is On Twitter Now And People Are Very Excited


South Carolina's football coach has joined the world on social media, and everyone seems really happy that it happened.


Your College Football Recap, Week 7: Upsets Are Awesome and No More #LOLTexas

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For the majority of yesterday, I splayed myself on the leather IKEA couch my roommates and I keep in our living room, feet propped up in hotel slippers with a full stadium cup of coffee at hand.


Jadeveon Clowney: “I Was Just Out Of Shape Last Year.” Say What Now?

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Each and every one of us woke up this morning, and you know what the good Lord blessed us with.


Urban Meyer Has Ruined A Child’s Life

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I've often joked that the Florida Gators and their fans were the nouveau riche of college football, having a long history of being the distant 3rd in Florida's "Big 3" until only recently coming into success and fame.

Morning Links: Football, Mousey Starlets

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Sports LOLNFL: Preseason 2011 Week 1 - The reasonable adult approach to professional sports is to wait for the pictures to go up and put a bunch of block letter words over them.


S. Carolina QB Might Have A Problem

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Stephen Garcia has been suspended for the balance of the spring semester at the University of South Carolina, or "USC," as nobody from outside the Palmetto State calls them.


Ol’ Ball Coach Stages Arrest At Practice

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With the NCAA Tournament, the NFL lockout, the arrival of baseball season and that Rebecca Black video, college football has found itself swept under the proverbial rug.



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Steve Spurrier will finally be rewarded for the Gamecocks' Liberty Bowl victory over the University of Houston when he gets a backseat ride in one of our nations intruments of death tomorrow.

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