Ol’ Ball Coach Stages Arrest At Practice

03.28.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

With the NCAA Tournament, the NFL lockout, the arrival of baseball season and that Rebecca Black video, college football has found itself swept under the proverbial rug. You know what that sport could use right now? Coaches getting arrested. Enter South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier.

Anticipating that he would be asked about top signee Jadeveon Clowney‘s recent handcuffing by police after a case of mistaken identity, the South Carolina head coach arranged for a Columbia police officer to walk onto the practice field and “arrest” him during a media session this past weekend. The Head Ball Coach obviously was demonstrating that anyone can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

–National Football Post.

Roll the video after the jump to the 2-minute mark to see Spurrier cuffed up. I’m sure the Ol’ Ball Coach is no stranger to bondage. They’re totally into that sort of thing in the South. My bets on his safe words are “Pickles,” “Cortisone,” and “Rex Grossman.”

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