This LSU Student On ‘College Jeopardy’ Needs To Brush Up On His SEC Football

SEC schools take their college football seriously. Southern Saturdays in the fall are deep in tradition, and entire student bodies are brought up worshiping the sport. Except if you’re LSU senior Kevin Brown, that is. The environmental engineering student from Boise, Idaho appeared on the quarterfinals of the Jeopardy College Championship on Tuesday, and poor Kevin didn’t exactly do well in the sports category.

Specifically, Brown didn’t know the answers to back-to-back questions involving SEC football. The first answer was former South Carolina and Florida head coach Steve Spurrier, who was famous for saying, among many other things, that FSU (Florida State) stood for “Free Shoes University.” The answer to the second question was Derrick Henry, the 2015 Heisman Trophy-winning running back who helped lead Alabama to the College Football Playoff national championship over Clemson.

In context, the non-answers — from all three contestants, mind you — probably aren’t as egregious in the sports world as confusing Alabama with Auburn, as one contestant did last month. However, one would assume that an LSU student would know football-related questions regarding fellow SEC coaches and players.

Then again, this is the sports section of Uproxx. The things we know off the top of our heads are usually useless in the grand scheme of things. Brown would probably clean up in any science or math-related category — you know, things that matter — while everyone here would give you a blank, stupid stare. In other words, we can only give him so much crap for missing what we believe are easy questions.


(Via Moser)