Here’s How Obama Is Planning To Improve Your Internet

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American Internet infrastructure will almost certainly come up in the State of the Union tonight. Here's what Obama will talk about.

redbox instant

Unsurprisingly, Redbox Instant Admits Defeat In Its Bid To Top Netflix

By | 4 Comments

Unable to topple Netflix, Verizon's Redbox Instant digital streaming service meets the fate that we always assumed it would.


Netflix Caves In To Verizon’s Cease-And-Desist Demands

By | 12 Comments

Verizon told Netflix to stop blaming them for bad connections, and Netflix apparently has obliged.


Ranking The Best And Worst Internet Service Providers Based On Netflix Speed. Where Does Yours Rank?

By | 31 Comments

How does your ISP stack up to the other major ISPs in its ability to deliver a quality Netflix experience?


Netflix Wants You To Know That Verizon Is Screwing You; Verizon Wants Netflix To Shut The F*ck Up

By | 33 Comments

Netflix is alerting customers that Verizon is throttling their streaming speeds; Verizon would like them to stop.


Verizon Might Already Be Throttling Your Netflix Connection And Admitting To It!

By | 7 Comments

A customer service conversation ends up revealing that Verizon might already be limiting Netflix and other services following their net neutrality victory.


Why Verizon Buying Intel’s Internet TV Project Is Bad News

By | 3 Comments

Verizon has bought Intel's attempt to change cable television... and that means cable television isn't changing.


Can Congress Fix The Cable Industry And Give Hope To Cord Cutters?

By | 6 Comments

New legislation aims to loosen the vice grip on media distribution while providing freedom of choice to consumers.

why your internet sucks

Verizon’s Business Strategy Illustrates Why Your Internet Is Terrible

By | 11 Comments

Verizon was supposed to give us all high-speed broadband. Why it, and companies like it, haven't.


Verizon Tells Nexus 7 Owners To Shove It

By | 2 Comments

Want to use LTE on your fancy Nexus 7? Then Verizon hates your money.

verizon edge

Verizon & AT&T Have Finally Realized That You Want Yearly Phone Upgrades

By | 8 Comments

AT&T Next and Verizon Edge will allow you to trade in your phone every year... for a price.


So Verizon Is Probably Throttling Your Netflix

By | 9 Comments

Have Verizon? Have crappy Netflix service? Guess what? It's not a coincidence.


Verizon Has Been Handing Over Records Of Every Call To The FBI

By | 16 Comments

Verizon and the FBI have always been snuggly, but all the data? For every call? Really?


Verizon And AT&T To Bring LTE Service To Every Inch Of America By 2014


Yes, soon even the most desolate of places will get LTE service. So congratulations, those desolate places will be slightly more tolerable!

you will lose

Why Verizon Should Drop Its Net Neutrality Case


Because, Verizon, you're gonna lose. And you're gonna lose bad.


Verizon: No Google Wallet For You!


Boy, Verizon is just all feisty towards other companies lately.


Verizon and AT&T Insist You Don’t Want Unlimited Data Plans

By | 2 Comments

Today marks the day that Verizon ends its unlimited data plan, which will actually probably not annoy most people, since most people use well under 2GB on their phones.


Meme Watch: Lenny Kravitz Auditions For Hipster Verizon Guy

By | 3 Comments

Yesterday I saw these photos of Lenny Kravitz walking around Soho using a retro phone headset and while most people laughed them off as "LOL, hipsters don't try so hard," I couldn't help but think this was all part of Lenny's master plan to snatch up the vacant Verizon Guy post, appealing to iPhone-loving hipsters and fans of 90's music alike.

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