Mike Lindell’s Website Is Banned From Sending Election Fraud Text Messages On Verizon, According To Mike Lindell

Another day, another humiliating setback for Mike Lindell in his never-ending, and ultimately futile, quest to “prove” the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. In a new broadcast on his website, Lindell revealed to his dozens of fans that he can no longer send them text messages filled with whacko conspiracy theories about the election thanks to Verizon. Via Raw Story:

“If you haven’t been getting text marketing or any texts from FrankSpeech and you’re wondering why that you’ve been taken off a list,” Lindell said, “No, it’s just because Verizon has stopped us from doing our text marketing. Just another big platform that went — I don’t know — that went south on us, that went left on us. They left us.”

Like all things Lindell, his story is short on details and evidence, but we’re guessing if Verizon really did put a stop to his website spamming people with Trump’s “Big Lie” — and that’s a big if — it was probably for a good reason. The MyPillow CEO has been on a non-stop crusade, which has yet to produce any sort of credible evidence of election fraud. In fact, over the summer, Lindell hosted a “Cyber Symposium,” which famously blew up in his face when his own cyber-security expert revealed that Lindell’s supposed cache of data contained no proof of election tampering.

Nevertheless, the MyPillow Guy persisted, and his crusade has put him at odds with natural allies like Fox News and right-wing Christian networks, who want nothing to do with his conspiratorial circus.

(Via Raw Story)