Verizon Customers Will Have The Chance To Get Disney+ For Free, But Only For A Limited Time

With less than a month to go before its November 12th launch, Disney+ boasts an impressively large catalog, as well as countless ways to subscribe. From an impressive bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+ to a surprisingly free offer for early subscribers, the choices are surprisingly numerous. Now, thanks to a new deal the company struck with Verizon, potential Disney+ users are about to have another method for skirting the cost for at least 12 months — so long as they’re already, or about to be, Verizon customers.

According to Variety, Verizon “will begin offering 12 months of the video-streaming service to all new and existing 4G LTE and 5G unlimited wireless customers” on or after November 12th. But wait… there’s more!

Verizon will extend the same offer to new Fios broadband or 5G home wireless internet customers. After the one-year promo pricing expires, Verizon customers will revert to the regular $6.99 monthly subscription price (unless they cancel Disney Plus).

The precise business and legal terms of Verizon’s deal with Disney “aren’t being disclosed,” unsurprisingly. While neither side is too willing to get into the details, both companies were happy to discuss their pleasure regarding the deal and Tuesday’s announcement.

In a statement, Verizon’s Hans Vestberg exclaimed, “Giving Verizon customers an unprecedented offer and access to Disney Plus on the platform of their choice is yet another example of our commitment to provide the best premium content available through key partnerships on behalf of our customers.”

“The launch of Disney Plus kicks off a new era of streaming for The Walt Disney Company, bringing nearly a century’s worth of content from our iconic studios to consumers directly,” added Disney’s Kevin Mayer. “We’re excited to share this moment with Verizon and bring Disney Plus to the millions of customers across its award-winning wireless network.”

(Via Variety)