The Rock Finally Revealed The Very Special Nickname He Has For His Penis

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07.25.14 3 Comments

The Rock continued his whirlwind promotional tour for Hercules with an appearance on Conan last night, and laid out a number of anecdotes that might be embarrassing for men with less charisma and/or muscle mass. Some were inevitable rehashes of moments previously dropped along the promotional trail (we’ve already heard that his Hercules beard was made of yak pubes and watched him get confronted about his viral fanny pack photo), but Conan did manage to wring one new piece of information out of the second highest-paid actor on the planet.

That would be the nickname The Rock has for his genitals. Watch the video above for the unintentional reveal, which comes after an entertaining retelling of the yak pube story.

And just for fun, here’s Conan bringing up that hilariously awful fanny pack photo. (As we pointed out earlier this week, it was hardly the first time a wrestler has dressed like a dork.)

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