Alex Jones Has Suffered A Crushing Defeat In His Bitter Custody Battle

For two weeks, Infowars host Alex Jones has been sitting in a Texas courtroom after a custody challenge by his ex-wife, Kelly, for their three children. Somehow, the famed conspiracy theorist previously held full custody with Kelly only being allowed supervised visitation, and she threw down a fight for joint or full custody. After plenty of in-court shenanigans — involving Alex admitting to smoking weed to test its strength and him being forced to watch videos in which he rips his shirt off — a jury decided in favor of Kelly, who won joint legal custody and the right to decide where the kids live.

The Austin American-Statesman rode this whole sordid affair out in the courtroom and reveals more. Although Kelly did not win full custody, this was the next most favorable result for her. Kelly has decided that the kids (who are 9, 12 and 14 years old) will live with her, of course. Alex will only be allowed visitation with details pending, and Kelly’s lawyer finished the case with a damning argument:

In his closing argument to the jury, the attorney for Kelly Jones likened Alex Jones to a “cult leader” who had brainwashed their children against her in what he described as a “straight up child abuse case” of parental alienation. “Mr. Jones is like a cult leader,” Hoffman said. “The children appear to be cult followers, doing what daddy wants them to do.”

As Hoffman spoke, Alex Jones’ eyes narrowed and he shook his head. “Somehow, this man has gotten away with murder,” Hoffman said. “It’s the equivalent of that and it’s wrong.”

The general public learned a lot about Jones during these this trial, which included deposition leftovers about how he couldn’t remember basic details about his kids because he ate some wicked chili. His previous diagnosis of narcissism arrived with news that he’d even taken his shirt off during family therapy, which sounds about right for a man who claims the Sandy Hook tragedy was orchestrated by the government, and the victims were actors.

That wasn’t all. Jones also claimed — on the witness stand! — to have slept with 150 women before age 16 while his lawyer insisted that he’s not insane, just “a performance artist” (although Jones disputed this last claim). Actor or not, he’s surely having a genuine rage fest right about now.

(Via Austin American-Statesman)