Under Oath And On His Show, Alex Jones Insists That He Is Not, In Fact, A ‘Performance Artist’

Alex Jones finally broke his silence about the claims made about his persona during his ongoing custody case, using it to once again take aim at the “mainstream media.” The problem for Jones is that it goes against his legal team’s defense and it possibly goes against a gag order issued by the judge. The order in question covers details about Jones’ divorce dating back to 2013, but it isn’t clear if this covers the new details.

Most were well aware that Jones wouldn’t be able to keep silent once his name and character were being discussed across the media. The details about chili amnesia and shirtless videos all played into his lawyer’s claim that Jones was a “performance artist,” something that clearly didn’t sit well with the Infowars leader. Jones stepped back behind the desk on Tuesday to defend himself against the media attacks and to make sure his audience knows that he’s not fake news and he’s not an actor according to Salon:

“If I put a top hat on and play the part of the head of Goldman Sachs saying, ‘I’m screwing you over; I love the mega banks; I’m gonna rob you; world government’s good’ I’m illustrating how George Soros and other people think of you — I don’t literally believe that,” Jones explained.

Jones specifically cited the time he painted his face like the Joker, a villain from the Batman series: “People got freaked out,” he said, adding, “It was powerful; it was a powerful performance; that’s why people were so freaked out.”

“You know I keep thinking people are smart; this is the real me,” Jones said, pointing to himself. “The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the republic, changing the world, Brexit,” Jones ranted.

The silver lining for Jones here is that many of his supporters probably didn’t believe the news when they saw it. Fake news is fake news unless it’s coming from your chosen media lord. Also, are we really sure his critics truly believed that this was all just truly an act for all these years?

And if his statements on The Alex Jones Show weren’t enough, Jones went against the wishes of his legal team in the courtroom too. While giving testimony, Jones made sure to drive home that the claims against Infowars were nothing but tricks in order to undermine the “war for your mind”:

“I’ve been in movies as an actor but I believe in the system I’m promoting of freedom and Americana and what makes it great,” Jones said.

Asked by his attorney Randall Wilhite to describe his life’s work, Jones said “I’m a radio talk show host and entertainer”, adding that he does “satire” and “combination news and entertainment.”

Jones added that he estimates his show is “90 percent hard news and punditry” as well as “short films and comedy jokes.” He said those claiming it’s all an act “are trying to play a trick on people.”

As The Daily Beast points out, this may put Jones in a sticky situation when it comes to his success in this case. If the defense is effective, he could win the custody but lose the Infowars audience he’s worked hard to build. If it’s not, he’s wasted his time in court and loses his children. Not fun, no matter who we’re discussing.

On top of that, Jones’ mental health was brought into question in court on Wednesday, right alongside his love of going bareback at any moment according to The Daily Beast:

Early in the proceedings, the case manager in his divorce Alissa Sherry testified that a previous psychiatric evaluation had ruled that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, a condition typified by traits including a lack of empathy, arrogance, and a propensity for grandiose fantasies.

Prior to that, the case manager confirmed that Jones had taken off his shirt during a counseling session, saying that it was the only time she could remember anyone doing such a thing.

“It’s a rare thing to have happened,” Sherry said.

She’s clearly not watched enough Infowars.

(Via Salon / The Daily Beast / Austin-American Statesman)