Anthony Scaramucci Reportedly Claims The White House Wants Him Back, Despite All Evidence To The Contrary

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Despite serving as White House Communications Director for only 10 days, Anthony Scaramucci has become something of a political celebrity. From a ridiculous White House press briefing that first introduced him to the world to his many subsequent appearances on cable news shows, the “Mooch” has made a name for himself. What the businessman-turned-short-lived-bureacrat means to do with this currency remains to be seen, though according to a new report by The Daily Beast, he may be gearing up for another shot at the political spotlight.

Per the report, Scaramucci is apparently telling friends, business associates, and anyone else who will listen that “the president and other members of the Trump family, including White House adviser and first daughter Ivanka Trump, miss him and want him back in the West Wing.” What’s more, the Mooch is also claiming he will meet with Trump in either Washington D.C. or Mar-a-Lago sometime this month. There’s just one problem — no one else The Daily Beast talked to can confirm Scaramucci’s boasts:

Virtually no one in or outside of the Trump White House who The Daily Beast contacted for this story believed the Mooch’s claims. This included several of the Mooch’s friends and also Trump aides.

“It would amaze and shock me if the president still talks to [Scaramucci] or is considering re-hiring him after what happened,” one senior White House official said. “And that is coming from someone who works in a place where nothing surprises me anymore.”

For his own part, Scaramucci told the reporters the story was “absolute nonsense” and nothing more. “I have said nothing like that at al,” he added. “Don’t believe BS.” As for the White House’s take on this, no official comment was provided. Considering the career-ending interview Scaramucci gave to The New Yorker (which Trump apparently liked, but not enough to keep the Mooch around) and other choice news items, however, that the Trumps wouldn’t want him around anymore isn’t all that surprising. Even the president wondered if he was “on drugs” during his short time in Washington.

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