Atlanta Strippers Are Encouraging Voters To ‘Get Your Booty To The Polls’

As most of us are now fully aware, the upcoming election — which we’ll remind you is just six (!!!) weeks away — is enormously important to the future of our nation. It’s starting to feel like we’re voting for our very lives. As such, people are rallying together to encourage voting and electoral engagement. That push includes a currently trending ad campaign out of Atlanta, Georgia called #GetYourBootyToThePolls.

What makes #GetYourBootyToThePolls so damn effective is not just the gyrating strippers with “Vote” written on their butts. It’s the truth bombs and snippets of crucial knowledge that the performers collectively deliver throughout the ad.

“Do you know who elects the DA? We do — but you don’t want to vote. Can’t make it rain if you locked up on some bullshit,” begins the video before diving into some of the meaningful change that can be brought about by participating in politics on the local level:

Want trades and coding taught in our schools? Then vote for the school boards that will prepare us for the job market. Want to end cash bail? Well then vote for the sheriffs and county officials that feel the same way you do. But you talkin’ about ‘awww, they gonna pick who they pick shawty.’ Ferguson just elected their first black mayor, do you know how that happened? It’s clear Black Lives don’t matter to some of our current elected officials, if they matter to you then don’t let other people decide who is gonna run your community. Get your booty to the polls!

At the Get Your Booty To The Polls website, would-be voters can find resources on how to register to vote and where to vote in this upcoming election, as well as resources on how to find information about the people running and ballot measures on the local level. The campaign is already beginning to spread on Twitter where it’s being celebrated for its pro-sex-worker and pro-down-ballot-election messaging.

With voter registration dates looming, what are you waiting for? Get registered today.