Balloon Boy Is Making A Comeback With His Pro-Trump, Heavy Metal Band In Tow

Since being introduced to Balloon Boy back in 2009 we’ve checked in on his family and him every now-and-again. Last we heard Falcon Heene — the boy we once were told was inside a giant helium balloon that had floated 50 miles from his Colorado home — and his family had started a heavy metal band. Now, “the world’s youngest heavy metal band” is back in the news and letting the world know they are supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The ‘Heene Boyz’ released their pro-Trump music video titled “The Youth of America for Trump,” which features Trump rally clips, Hillary Clinton hit ads and various pro-America-hell-yeah graphics. Between a “Trump! Trump, Trump!” chorus the group says of Clinton, “she’s dangerous, she’s dangerous,” and follows their candidate’s lead in claiming this is a rigged election.

The Heenes took a break from their band to join a crowd of 15,000 Trump supporters Wednesday, as the Trump train rolled through Jacksonville, Fla. Oldest son 16-year-old Bradford, 15-year-old Ryo and 13-year-old Falcon, joined their infamous father at the ‘Make America Great Again’ rally. Richard Heene says he and his boys support Trump because they believe his business savvy is what can truly bring America back.

“I would have to say that his slogan, ‘Make America great again,’ he really believes that to a T,” said the 54-year-old Heene. “As a businessman, he has got to deal with people on a business level, not greasing his palms doing favors.”

It’s one hell of an election cycle when someone named ‘Balloon Boy’ and his family create a heavy metal video in support of Donald Trump, and it’s only about the 20th-craziest thing we’ve seen during his campaign, but here we are.