Chris Christie’s Hostage Face Was The Greatest Part Of Trump’s Super Tuesday Speech

Donald Trump Holds Super Tuesday Election Night Press Conf. In Palm Beach
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After one heck of a long haul, Super Tuesday ended with a few surprises, but still landed in Donald Trump’s favor. Trump proclaimed victory in Palm Springs, Florida with Chris Christie doing the introductory honors: “It’s not a campaign, it’s a movement.” The endorser seemed depressed enough last week after the “big announcement,” and he’s since grown defensive. Perhaps that attitude switch had something to do with this “get in the plane and go home” directive from Saturday night. Trump didn’t let him spend the night!

Now, Christie’s moved to the next stage of political grief. He did his intro duty, but Christie appeared to have misplaced his soul. So, as Trump yammered on about “very nasty” Rubio, who’s “the big loser of the night” (despite winning Minnesota), Christie looked like he wanted the Earth to open, vomit up those spidery critters from Cloverfield, and put him out of his GOP misery. Trump told a reporter, “I feel awfully good” about being the presumptive nominee, and folks assume that Christie is the presumptive vice-presidential nominee. As Trump vowed to get along with Paul Ryan’s poker face (“or he’s gonna have to pay a big price”), Christie’s morbid realization came full circle.

An even closer look will make Christie’s feelings undeniable.

What’s that? Right. Will Arnett has a good take on this moment.

Christie’s normally boisterous mood has disappeared, which makes this ‘shop job seem all too accurate yet hilarious.

Make no mistake, the dude looks seriously depressed.

Perhaps there’s some honest-to-god mind control at work.

Things only got worse for Christie as Twitter kept the reactions going.

If you missed the full Trump victory speech, here’s further video evidence that Chris Christie regrets everything.