Christopher Cantwell, The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc, Has Gone Into Hiding

The name Christopher Cantwell skyrocketed to notoriety last week when the self-proclaimed white supremacist was featured in a Vice News mini-doc about the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, in which he bragged about his capability for violence, admitting that he’d like to see America elect someone “a lot more racist than Donald Trump.” Cantwell later blubbered like a baby when the clip went viral, claiming that he was now terrified for his life. (Although he continues to insist that he’s not a coward.)

In addition to his unwanted newfound fame, Cantwell is also in trouble with the law thanks to the events that transpired in Charlottesville, as he allegedly has several warrant out for his arrest, including two felony charges. In a post on his personal website on Wednesday, Cantwell opened up about his legal woes, revealing that he had contacted an attorney, who almost immediately dropped his case.

He has since acquired new counsel. However, he continues to insist that he believes the Virginia authorities have been “proven corrupt,” that the media has been misreporting his arrest, and also reveals that he’s apparently gone into hiding until he decides to turn himself in:

However, since literally millions of people want to kill me right now, I am keeping a low profile. The phone number widely publicized for me has been so filled up with death threats, that I can no longer sort through all the hate and violence to find worthwhile messages. My attorney has my email address, and he can contact me if the authorities want to relay any information to me. I have no interest in violence or lawbreaking, so if they are interested in speaking with me, I hope they will communicate with him instead of harassing innocent people or wasting taxpayer resources.

Cantwell continued his post by writing that in the worst case scenario, he “[imagines] the many civil suits being launched will expose some information once subpoenas start flying around.” He concludes by conceding that he looks forward to this, because “my entire existence revolves around telling the truth, fighting corruption, and exchanging ideas.”

We will have to see about that.

(Via Raw Story)