Hillary Clinton Goes Next Level With Her Twitter Trolling During The Ted Cruz Speech

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The Republican National Convention came back from the cliffs of boredom on Wednesday night when Ted Cruz brought down the house. He didn’t do so in a positive way, according to the scores of Donald Trump supporters who booed his refusal to say the words, “I endorse.” Heidi Cruz also became the object of derision as she exited the building, yet a vast swath of the internet approved of Cruz’s “gangster move.” These same people forgot how much they couldn’t stand Cruz a few months ago, but that’s the way of the internet.

Hillary Clinton, who has been effectively trolling each night of the convention, had some words for Cruz. But first, she had her way with a few of the evening’s attendees. She scoffed at Trump’s assertion that he brings people together by pointing out his tendency to unite “Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-Semites.”

She took a swipe at “little” Marco Rubio with a “very big of you” and his previous 2013 praise of Clinton as a hard worker.

When Cruz took the stage, Clinton reminded everyone how he called Trump a “pathological liar” and “narcissist” when Trump took shots at Heidi Cruz in May. At this point of the evening, Clinton (along with a fair amount of people) expected that Cruz would fall in line with an endorsement.

But after all hell broke loose, Clinton repeated Cruz’s own words — “vote your conscience” — with her best troll move of the night.

Once again, Clinton has made use of an effective social media tactic during GOP events. And yes, she has interns doing most (if not all) of this tweeting for her. The graphics and videos are prepared in advance, but it’s hard to fault Clinton for taking advantage of social media’s embracing ways. After all, Trump does this in his own way too.

There’s only one more night remaining to this Republican extravaganza. One can be sure Clinton will be trolling once more.