Trevor Noah Has A Top-Notch Theory About Donald Trump’s Debate Sniffing

Throughout the entirety of the first presidential debate on Monday, Donald Trump just would not stop sniffling. It drove many in the viewing audience up the wall during the back-and-forth of the debate and some people had a pretty good idea why Trump kept doing it. Trevor Noah of The Daily Show was on the same page as many others watching, and put forth that theory during the post-debate live show. Noah put up a quick supercut of a handful of examples of Trump sniffling, then did a quick pantomime of sniffing coke off his shiny clean news desk to get his point across.

But that’s not the only reason Trump might have been repeatedly sniffing things all night. True, his “stamina” might not be where it should be for a presidential candidate (What if he’s dying?! What if this cold turns into pneumonia?!) but there’s another option as well. As Noah so succinctly puts it Trump was clearly “Sniffing all the bullsh*t he was saying…on stage…all night!” Lester Holt did a pretty decent job of keeping things in line, even if he didn’t fact check either candidate as much as opposing parties probably wanted, so maybe there wasn’t actually that much bullsh*t flying around the stage.

Wait, who are we kidding? Of course there was. Somebody should drug test Donald post-debate just to make sure his sniffles weren’t because of some sort of white powder (that’s “white powder,” Trump supporters, not “white power”), but if that comes up clear we can default to the next best theory that Noah has come up with.